Program for September 23, 2013: Dr. Jerry Riibe and Mr. Michael McGrory, Muscatine Schools Superintendent and Muscatine High School Principal.
Invocation by: Paul Kraushaar

Announcements and Happy News: Steve Jameson introduced Lucas Jacobs our Brazil Exchange Student and announced that Lucas will turn 16 tomorrow!!  Jerry Rhoades invited us all to his booksigning at WineNutz on Wednesday, September 18, 2013.  He will also formally announce his campaign for Governor.  Dave Utley was happy that the Hawkeyes had defeated the Cyclones. Harvey Allbee is returning from a week long cruise of the New England Islands, is happy that the Hawks won and asked all Hawkeyes to celebrate the victory by putting a dollar on the table.  Jim Stein is a proud grandpa again, celebrating the birth of a new granddaughter. Dan and wife have a new addition!! President Keith asked that we note the handout on the table regarding the Rotary District Let's Talk sessions and reminded us to sign up for a committee!!

The Board will also meet today immediately following the meeting. (September 16, 2013)

Rotary Program: Sarah Lande and Tom Ward took the stage together to share thoughts about the Rotary Friendship Exchange Program.  Sarah participated in the South Africa exchange while Tom and Judy Ward had a great experience in New Zealand. It was mentioned that Mike Ruby plans to visit Australia next year via the program.  Sarah notes the benefits as meeting with Rotarians who share their family and culture with you.  Tom noted that next year's trip will possibly be to Croatia and that those interested should watch for details in the District Newsletter.  The trip's usually fill fast so signing up quickly is important!

Sarah is on the District Friendship Exchange Committee and will complete her term soon.  Persons interested in a great experience should see Sarah about joining the committee!!