Program for October 6, 2014: Little Known Facts of Muscatine by Jenny Howell

Invocation by: Bret Olsen

Guests today:  Wayne Steen, Bill Koellner, Lacey Henderson Mueller, Tony Conn, Dan Conn, potential new member.

Happy News: Kelly Garvin is off to Haiti tomorrow with District 6000 folks to check out the new water wells supported by us!!  Marilyn Smith is happy that Norm now has a private room with a view!! His room number is 306 at Lutheran Homes.  Rotarians John Stevens and Kip Fisher are also at Lutheran Homes, currently!, Melanie

Alexander is pleased to announce a mini concert at 1:30 PM today as a continuation of the Mr. B's Joybox Mississippi River presentation.  Cristian Lopez is proud to announce he has been married to his lovely wife for 11 years. Dave Stanley is happy that he is feeling better and he has been married for 60 years.

Karen Diercks reminded us of the need for Cart Drivers on Saturday, October 18, 2014 for the Healthy Living Fest Day.  She and Judi Holdorf both reminded us of the status of Operation Warm.  We have collected $860 from our club so far and today is the deadline.

Program: It was all about us today.  At our individual tables we discussed the meeting venue,  how does Rotary make an impact, how can we continue our Goodwill projects and undertake a major fundraiser?