Welcome it's Trick or Treat Day!!

Program for Today: Muscatine's Center for Non Profits

October 31 Invocation by: Kip Fisher

Guests October 17th: Jo Anne Ruby, Ineke Van de Pol, Jeff Armstrong, Bill Tubbs, Becky Patterson, and students with Kerry Hawkins: Makenzie Failor, Kristen Freman, Michael Canfield, Natalie Fillmore and Joanna Foor.

NEXT WEEK: November 7th, Monday, will be replaced by guest night at the Art Center from 5:30-7:00 P.M. Members need to sign up at the sheet in the back.

Tony Joseph in his Rotary moment talked about the purpose of Rotary...promotion of eradication of polio, peace, humanitarianism and water management are among a few of our major initiatives.

President Mike Ruby told the club that Taura Prosek is resigning from Rotary since taking a new job and if anyone is interested in filling her Board Position please see Mike. He also read a nice note from Frank Iliff regarding his recent visit to Rotary.

Happy News for the Day: Dave Stanley invited all to the River's Edge Gallery to see the showing by his daughters Rebecca and Elizabeth through November 25th. He was also Happy the Hawkeyes had won 5 games!

Keith Porter was proud of the Muskies Marching Band receiving a Division 1 rating with a FANTASTIC season show..Ron Yohe has been on the road enjoying the Western states and 16 different motels... he's buying a new mattress at home...they were more comfortable in motels than at home..he was attending Pastor's Conference in Portland, Paul Krashar is proud of the Muskies...playing in the finals at Cedar Falls this week and KUDOS to Michael Canfield for being on the State Golf Team. Bill Decker is proud and happy that the Muscatine School District has gained students this year... and open enrollment gaps are closing with more students coming to Muscatine...$$$$$

Program for today: District 6000 Governor Don Patterson shared Rotary and District highlights with us. He and Becky started their careers here in Muscatine in 1969-1972 while he was at Muscatine General Hosital. He reminded us of the theme for Rotary this year: Reach Within to Embrace Humanity. He encouraged us to continue to do what we do best and change what needs to be changed....he spoke about Rotary's club projects, community service, literacy, disaster relief, polio, youth scholarships... He has belonged to big and small clubs everywhere he has lived now residing in Washington, Iowa.

He encouraged us to attend the District 6000 Convention in Riverside Iowa on April 13 and 14...just drive over for lunch and call it our weekly meeting. He also talked about the continuation of the Xicotepec Project which one portion has been taken over by the University of Iowa School of Pharmacy.