October 25, 2010 Program

Trinity Hospital

October 11th Guests
3.0 Seniors: Danielle Chase, Tyler Caligan , . Cardoza and Jake Adams, MHS Counselor

October 11th Happy News
Ann Meeker proudly told us of the birth of her new granddaughter.

Ron Yohe celebrated his 5th Anniversary as chaplain with Bickford. Norm Smith told us of the upcoming visit of the Rotary International President to Des Moines and he reminded us that the Illini have arisen!!

Judi Holdorf's son has returned from Germany and is now working in Des Moines.

Diana Gradert was happy to tell about the Grand Opening of the Wilton Library and Community Center and the induction of her son-in-law into the Augustana Viking Hall of Fame.

David Stanley proudly noted that Jeannie's birthday is tomorrow on the real Columbus Day, October 12th!!

Kristin McHugh Johnston is happy to bring attention to the new signage at the History and Industry Center.

October 11 th Announcements
The invocation was given by Kip Fisher and the songs were led by Ann Meeker.

President Tom told us that District 6000 is looking for 100 volunteers to go to Xicotepec, Mexico during the weeks of March 5-13 and March 12-20th, 2011. If you are interested please check with Tom for the details. He also announced that Pam Collins has resigned as Treasurer, due to family member health issues and that Brooke Mehaffey has agreed to be Treasurer.

Brooke announced that quarterly bills will be coming out this week. She also said that Caren Luke and Mary Wildermuth will be helping share the duties of Treasurer, Secretary and Newsletter Editor to have several club members cross trained. Caren Luke is Club Secretary and Mary Wildermuth is now doing the Newsletter.

No meeting on October 18th due to guest night on the 16th of October.

October 11th Program
Iowans for Fair and Impartial Courts by John Winston, University of Iowa John informed Rotarians of the current selection process for Judges in Iowa..

He applauded the caliber of judges in Iowa and said that they are categorically better, more careful, more impartial, more hardworking and more predictable than judges in other states. John's personal experience in Montana makes him credible, as does his teaching experience at the University of Iowa. John believes the current selection process is sound and pretty straight forward. He is fearful that with the upcoming election that the process will be changed and will become more politicsized, influenced by money, and create fear among judges in making decisions. The current system is based on looking at the rule of law and not what may be popular at the time. Several Rotarians spoke in support of John's presentation indicating that they have already voted to keep the current system rather than put judges names on the ballot in the future for election to their position.

In recognition of today's presentation, the Muscatine Rotary Club will donate a children's book to the Musser public library with the presenters name inscribed in the front of the book.