Program for June 17, 2013:  Weed Park Zoo Garden (meeting is at Weed Park in the Zoo Garden)

Invocation by: Marilyn Smith

Guests – 6/10/13:  Todd Hessel guest of Nathan Mather.

Rotary News: Keith updated us on the new venue options that we have in regard to our meeting location.  The handout was emailed and is on the table giving the information on the two locations, the RiverView Center and the Wesley Family Life Center. The move will take place on Monday August 5th.  We will be at Calvary through July.  Keith had a nice conversation with one of the pastors at Calvary and we are welcome to meet at Calvary during times such at the senior luncheon and other special events.  The vote on will be on June 24th.  You can vote that day or email Kelly your choice.  A question about parking came up.  There is close parking both places.  If Wesley Family Life Center is chosen then members who don’t mind walking a short distance will be asked to park across the street in the church parking lot.

Fellowship with Jess – Two truths and a lie game. 

The June 17, 2013 meeting is at the Weed Park shelter closest to the Zoo Garden and Park Shelter.

Happy News: Sarah Lande announced that the Preservation Hall Jazz Band will be on the Riverfront 7:00 pm tomorrow with an after party at Pearl Plaza.  Melanie Alexander is happy that the new issue of Muscatine Magazine out – she has left them on the tables for people.

Program: Beacon of Hope Hospice with Ashley Scheckel and James Jones.

Hospice is the beginning of extending life and quality when cure is no longer an option.Hospice sevices provide an opportunity for famly and friends to offer caring when no longer an option.  You can be surrounded by loved ones and professionals to help transition into the next

Common diagnosis that will cause patients to be referred to Hospice are: cancer, heart disease, COPD/respiratory disease, neurological deseases such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke or coma, lung/liver/kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, ALS, Alzehimer/Dementia (no longer covered), AIDS/HIV.

Hospice services are covered by Medicare/Medicaid at 100%.  Most private insurance carriers have coverage as well.

Hospice will start when the average length of care is estimated at 6 months or less but does not stop after 6 months but rather is re-evaluated.  Electing Hospice does not speed up process, actually Hospice individuals live about 1 month more than those who are not in the program.  There are 2 ways to graduate - graduate into heaven or you are getting better and no longer meet the guidelines.  You can revoke treatment if want to go to hospital or on a trip then can go back on and if you leave because you are getting better you can always be re-enter if that changes

Hospice care is a collaborative approach between hospice physicians, nurse practitioners, primary registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, social workers, chaplains, volunteers, and a bereavement team.

The “Hospice” conversation takes about 45 minutes to an hour.  Patents only have to do this once even if they go in and out of the program or don’t meet the requirements at that moment and need to go into a different type of care for a time.