Program for July 16, 2012: Flickinger Learning Center with Paul Brooks
Invocation by: Harvey Allbee 

Guests today: Angela and Mark Joseph
Your Rotary Board: President, Kelly Garvin, Keith Porter,Sarah Ingstad, Secretary, Brooke Mehaffey,Treasurer ,Mike Ruby,Tony Joseph, Scott Ingstad, Steve Jameson and Mary Odell.

Kelly introduced Jessica Wittman to share some fun.  Tables played Name that Tune with the losing table contributing $1 per person to the Scholarship Fund.  She also reminded us that the Youth Exchange Committee would meet today and that the Fun Committee will meet on July 16th after the regular meeting. 

Reminder that a Retirement Celebration will be held on Tuesday evening, July 17, 2012 from 5:00 P.M. until 7:00 P.M. at WineNutz for Caren and Larry Luke. Friends and Rotarians are invited to attend and wish them luck!!

Kelly also mentioned that Dana Yerington will be seeking membership and had the first reading.  Mary Wildermuth, Membership Chair inducted DeWayne Hopkins and Gregg Mandsager into the club with pinning by their sponsors, Kelly Garvin and Harvey Allbee.  Both will be members of the Fundraising Committee.

Happy News: Paul Kraushaar was happy to share his recent experience participating in the ordination of a priest in Rome.  Joe Nietzel. Harvey Allbee was happy to say that he and Joan had hosted 42 family members over the weekend for a reunion and he was pleased that the RiverView Center was available for the celebration. David Stanley and his bride Jeannie have been married for 64 years. Jeannie has now also acquired her 14th oak leaf cluster pin...with a contribution of $20 to Rotary.

Program for Today: Tony Joseph introduced Charley Darley of the Great River Tennis Association who provided a very interesting and informative program on Tennis. The Tennis Court of today is the same, the ball color has changed from white to yellow, the racket is made of polyester strings.  Charley talked about the tennis stance, as a Kinetic Chain with a series of events ...throw/hit...which begins with one's feet, moves to the legs and power is created from the big body muscles.   Tennis is a dance utilizing balance, power, flow and smoothness.  Change has lead the tennis field as we realized that one must crawl before one walks... Charley demonstrated new techniques being used to meet players at their level rather than expecting players to perform like experts.  Tools such as balloons, rolling the ball and a curved plastic ball catcher are used to help players perfect their play.  Charley was charming and very knowledgeable.