Program for July 9, 2012: Great River Tennis Association with Charley Darley

Invocation by: Kip Fisher

Guests today: Kelly Garvin's backup team including Gunner, Taylor,Alexa and Ted Taylor, Joanne Ruby, Dana Yerington, potential member and DeWayne Hopkins.

Your Rotary Board: President, Kelly Garvin, Keith Porter,Sarah Ingstad, Secretary, Brooke Mehaffey,Treasurer ,Mike Ruby,Tony Joseph, Scott Ingstad, Steve Jameson and Mary Odell.

Rotary News: Mike told us about the members in our presence who had been club President beginning with Marv Krieger in 1958... we have had 91 Presidents lead our club!!

Mike shared that Mayor Hopkins would be re-joining the club and held the second membership reading for Gregg Mandsager, City Administrator. Hoppe is sponsored by Kelly Garvin and Gregg by Harvey Allbee.

Happy News: Mary Wildermuth was happy that 200 + motorcyclists had visited the Muscatine History and Industry Center as they had meandered along the Mississippi and she also invited the club to the Retirement and Going Away Get Together at WineNutz on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 from 5-7 pm for Caren and Larry Luke. Dana Yerington was happy that she has now joined Sunnybrook as the Director and that her family slept on the way home Saturday from a busy sporting day!! Marilyn Smith is happy that she and Norm have just celebrated their 61st Wedding Anniversary!! Caren Luke is happy she has purchased a new home in Kansas City to retire to and that her son Nathan has some lovely photos in the Midwest Living Magazine!!

Program for Today: Mike shared a great overview of his year as President. Listing off all the activities and accomplishments. He then presented Caren Luke with a small gift from the club for her commitment and service to the organization as Secretary. Kelly Garvin then gave Mike a gift certificate of $75 to honor his time as President and giving a charitable donation to the Polio Plus Fund. Mike then matched the club gift with $75.

Kelly Garvin then shared her goals for the year. Bringing in new members, having a Rotarian Tour of Homes, a Greeting Committee, two new committees one for fundraising and the other for fun!! She introduced Mayor Hopkins and they explained their dream project of a RiverFront BandShell that would be a Rotary Project for the year. She has many other exciting ideas and is excited to kick off the year!!