Program for January 13, 2014: Rotary Exchange Students

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Guests: Norma Lewis, Susan Payne, Jan Phillips, Sally Potter and the MCC Variety Singers who provided joyous Christmas Holiday Music throughout the meeting.

Rotary News: Rich Dwyer told us about the Paul Harris Society and then Charlie Lewis was recognized as the club's first Society Honoree.  Charlie has committed to giving $1000 a year every year to the Rotary Foundation.  Less than 3% of all Rotarians receive this designation and Charlie is our first!!  Mike Ruby joined in with Norma Lewis and Susan Payne to recognize Charlie!!

Happy News: Keith reminded us of the District 6000 Newsletter and information about our club in the letter. Proud of us Keith noted we raised enough money last week to send three students to the RYLA Conference.  We also met the Salvation Army Challenge of $1000 and another $1000 to the Rotary Foundation.  Steve Jameson is proud to say that he and his wife both completed their Master's Degrees and graduated from St. Ambrose last weekend. Erica Cox for Sal LoBianco applauded the Iowa State win over the Hawkeyes.  Dick Stanley praised Jan Phillips for her leadership at the Civic Chorale and for the MCC Singers. Janet Morrow has a new driver in the family! Jim Stein and Mike Hagerty were happy about the Iowa State win!! Marv Krieger is happy that the Body Shop has come back from the Tornado and can now sport waterless paint!!  Jim Nepple's granddaughter is a Colorado RYLA participant!  Harvey Albee is proud of the Muskie music program and his grandson!! Keith Porter is happy that 2 of his 3 kids are home for Christmas. Tony Joseph is proud of Charlie Lewis!!

Rotary Program:   Tony Joseph introduced Paul Brooks, Executive Director of the Flickinger Learning Center.  Paul said that the enrollment at the FLC has increased from 2003 and is now at 72.  Many different community stakeholders are responsible for the Center's success including the Muscatine Community School District, the Howe Foundation, Monsanto, United Way and various other great volunteers who have donated much labor and time.  It is the Center's hope through the Afterschool Program to keep improving the community's graduation rate and individual student progress in practicing and learning  to read.  Paul noted that keeping the student's engaged at the Center afterschool has kept the streets afterschool free of mischief!!  He noted that number at 21,000 hours!! Currently, the Center under the tutelage of Chris Anderson is leading a Community 21st Century Grant Initiative that would bring over $125,000 per year to the community!!

The Center is working on a current matching Challenge Grant from Muscatine Connected amounting to $15,000 and is also working on a Jump Start Endowment Fund!!  Persons interested in volunteering should contact the Center at 288-1990!