Program for December 10, 2012: MHS Seasonal Octet

Invocation By: Dave Armstrong

Guests on December 3, 2012: Students: Rafa, Morgan Bean and Ismenia Castelan. Guests: Leon and Bret Miller, Tom Determann, Jim Cary, Wayne Steen, and Teresa Horton. Potential new members: Chris Steinbach and Melanie Alexander.  2nd Reading for Chris Steinbach and Jerry Rhoads.

Rotary news:  Kasey O'Kelly, Kim Beckman and Kelly Garvin are the persons to contact with issues regarding our meeting location.  Kasey's store number at Hy Vee is 264-2420 and his cell number is 299-3646.  Weather issues will be referred to Kelly Garvin, our President.  Please do not call Calvary Church with these type of questions!!

Fun with Jess.... name 15 candybars...Mike Ferguson's table won!!

Program:  Mike Ruby introduced the program "Water for Life." He told us that Clinton, Tipton, West Liberty and Muscatine are collaborating to support well development in Haiti by Water for Life.  Each club is putting in $1000. Matching funds through Rotary and Water for Life will enlarge our $4000 to about a $40,000 project as funds will also be matched by Water for Life!!  What is still needed is a partner club in Haiti who can provide about $150 and a long term commitment to keep the project going and the wells functioning. Leon's father joined Water for Life in 1984.   Leon is overwhelmed by the fellowship and is appreciative of being with us today!!

Haiti's poverty is at 72%.  People live to about 62 years of age.  Since his father began working on the project... Wells need to be maintained by the locals and it has been found that the best thing to do is focus on an entire area so that homes and schools etc. have enough wells to address the needs...or children go home to houses without water and get sick.  1 well supports 350 persons and about 50 animals.  The next big need is irrigation so that crops can be supported.  The President of Haiti has recently been working to provide fuel so that more wells can be built!!