Recap from the Oct 11, 2021 Meeting.
Meeting Run by President: John Kuhl
Invocation:  Shane Orr
Guests: Holly Oppelt, Guest of Naomi DeWinter
Happy News/Announcements:  Carlin Lawhead- For the Hawkeye Win vs. #4 Penn State. Felt like 1985 game when Hawkeyes last beat top 5 team. Rich Dwyer- Thank you to the Community Foundation and Charla for Annual Event Friday night with Jim Yong Kim. Two important messages: Always be Fearless, Always Be Prepared! Bob Jensen- Temp Associates celebrated 35 years in business. Opening Day they had no orders and no applicants, they were excited to get an order for 24 hours.  In the last 35 years Temp has given back to the Muscatine Community with over $800K in scholarships. For Happy News Bob gave $40 ($35 for the business anniversary and $5 for a Hawkeye Win) Mike Ruby- Very happy to have Tom Barr from the West Liberty Rotary Club here for the presentation today. Erika Cox- Thank you to the Chamber for the wonderful Vintage Market at the Riverfront Saturday AM.  This Thursday 10/14/21 MPW Powering the future event 2:30-5:30pm. Megan Francis- Senior Resources is looking for Chore workers for their Snow Removal program for senior homeowners.  $10 paid position or time can be donated back as in-kind donation. Call Senior Resources for more information 563-263-7292
Club Business: Volunteer Project opportunity this Saturday, October 16th starting at 8am to partner with the City of Muscatine to plant of line of trees for a nonprofit.  Training will be provided and then the planting.  Looking for 6-8 more volunteers. Please contact Frank Iliff at or Megan Francis at to get involved. Oct 20th a number of local Rotary Clubs, lead by Rock Island Rotary Club, will be collaborating for a World Rotary Day Event at the Botanical Center.  Contact John Kuhl for event information.
Speaker Introduction:
Tom Barr & Annie A.- Tom comes from the Rotary club of West Liberty where he serves on the board, and has a passion for fighting Human Trafficking. Annie is a survivor advocate with Family Resources as part of the Braking Traffik program.  The Braking Traffik program was founded by former Iowa Senator Maggie Tinsman in 2008.  In April 2016 Braking Traffik merged with Family Resources allowing it to further expand services like Outreach and Education, Legislation Advocacy, and comprehensive service to survivors of human trafficking.
This is a Huge Problem worldwide- 40 Million victims in over 155 countries. Women trafficking women is not unusual so the stigma of male pimps is not always the case.  2nd most frequent location for trafficking is hotels and motels, so what is first most common place?  Living at home- trafficked by relative, step parent, foster parent, neighbor, or other student. Within the United State, one of the worst for Human Trafficking. Every 30 seconds another child is becoming a victim. West Liberty Club held a public form in 2016, from that the word is spreading with more presentation to other social groups and public presentations. Working with community partners and school to get Human Trafficking. 
What is Human Trafficking?  The buying and selling of a human being for the personal profit and gain of another through force, fraud, or coercion. Stages of Grooming: Target victim, gain trust,  fill a need, isolate victim, sexualize them and maintain control. Some Signs: unusual tattoos, no id, older adult speaking on their behalf, inconsistent stories, Abrupt changes in mood or behavior. Call: National Human Trafficking Hotline 1(888) 373-7888 Text “Help” or “Info” to 233733 (BE FREE).  Increase of cases during COVID- easy to hide when everyone is isolated, Braking Traffik served 237 survivors in FY20. Traffickers can be ANYONE!
Upcoming Meetings: Oct. 18 – Friends of Fairport Fish Hatchery, Oct. 25th- Fire Safety and an Update on the Muscatine Fire Department
Enjoy the Recording from Today’s Meeting:
Topic: Weekly Meeting
Start Time : Oct 11, 2021 11:34 AM
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