Recap from the Sept 13, 2021 Meeting.
Meeting Run by President: John Kuhl
Invocation:  Carlin Lawhead
Membership Update: 3rd Reading for Mike Morgan
Happy News/Announcements:  Diana Broderson: Thank you to everyone who played a part in the Community Block Party last Friday.  There were 475 people in attendance.  It was a wonderful Collaborative Community Event.  Also Thank you to the Firefighters who held a moment of silence and those that participated in the stair climb in remembrance of the events of 9/11.  Frank Iliff: This past Saturday a group gathered to build a ramp for a Muscatine resident.  This coming weekend 9/18 there are two opportunities to get involved with ramp build.  One of those projects is a “She Build” all female team.  Frank invites everyone to get involved. Lindsey Phillips: Over the Edge (September 24th) is holding a raffle for a rappel spot. A $10 donation will get you entered.  Megan Francis: Megan’s daughter Victoria has a Walk to End Alz team and recently met her fundraising goal of $500 so she will be dying her hair purple for the walk.  It is National Direct Support Professional (DSP) week.  Crossroads and Senior Resources is celebrating staff.  Carlin Lawhead: Happy about the Hawkeye Win over State this weekend.
Club Business: Volunteer Opportunity- The Food Truck Fight this coming weekend 9/18.  Opportunity to work welcome gates.
Speaker Introduction: Michelle Berns- Muscatine County Conservation Board
Michelle has been a Naturalist with the Muscatine County Conservation Board for 15 years, and specifically enjoys working with kids and providing learning programs through the Environment Learning Center and school programs.
Program: Pollinators- Who they are and Why they are Important?
Pollination is simply the movement of pollen, containing the male genetic material, from one flower to another of the same species.  This transfer is necessary for the production of seeds and fruits and helps to ensure the genetic variability that is vital to healthy plant populations. Why are they important? More than 75% of flowering plants depend on animal pollinators.
Most natural ecosystems would collapse without animal pollinators. Animal Pollinators: Birds, Bats, Insects, Bees, Butterflies & Moths, Flies, Beetles, Wasps. Bees are the work horse of the pollinators. Decline in Pollinators due to Habitat loss, fragmentation, Invasive species, Pesticides, Diseases, Parasites. What Can We Do? There are a lot of initiatives taking place in the Midwest right now to conserve pollinator habitat. You can help by creating habitat in your own backyard. Limit pesticide use. Provide overwintering habitat, leave your stems until Spring. Put up bee nesting boxes.
Upcoming Meetings: September 20, 2021 – Unity Point Public Health; Holly Barrett- Pandemic Update, September 27, 2021- Kent Corporation Best Managed Company Award; Gage Kent, October 4, 2021- Fire Prevention Week and Fire Safety; Fire Chief Jerry Ewers.
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Start Time : Sep 13, 2021 11:50 AM
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