Recap from the Aug 9, 2021 Meeting.
Meeting called to order by President Elect: Naomi DeWinter
Invocation:  Rich Dwyer
Membership Update: 1st Reading for Dan Nitzel for prospective membership
Happy News/Announcements:  Kayla Bartling: Lutheran Living is having a Car Wash this Saturday, August 14th from 9am-12pm to benefit the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.  Lindsey Phillips: Over the Edge is back, September 24th.  Now is the time to sign up and start fundraising to go Over the Edge of the Merrill building.  
Club Business:  Please take a moment to fill out the Programming and Invocation Survey (paper survey available or use the link provided)
Speaker Introduction: Ron's industrial experience includes work in the aerospace industry on transonic aircraft wing design and wind tunnel testing. He was vice president of engineering for a manufacturer of cooling towers prior to joining CIRAS. There he led engineering design, testing, and manufacturing activities and directed the plant productivity and quality assurance programs. Ron also taught and conducted research while on the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering faculty at the University of Oklahoma. His research work focused on numerical modeling and hypersonic vehicle design. Ron was a CIRAS field agent in the Mason City area for four years before assuming his current position as director of CIRAS in 2001.
Iowa Workforce Skirmishes
Highest month over month workforce demand since the farm crisis. Problem, Iowa is one of the slowest growing population. If your population is not growing, your workforce will not grow. COVIDE Took the county down, but IA is recovering slower than other areas. After the farm crisis employees were pulled from the farmers and spouses to assist in the workforce, now we do not have a source to pull from.  70% of Iowa counties have fewer than 300 people looking for work.
A “Turn - 90°” look at Workforce- Search for process improvements, look to the workforce of the future and entice the workforce not needing to work.
If you want to grow and are wilting to take a 90° turn.  Implement laser focus on attracting workers who do not need to work (65+, stay at home parents), Retrain those who are working for you and help develop the workforce of the future.
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Topic: Weekly Meeting
Start Time : Aug 9, 2021 11:59 AM
Access Passcode: Muscatine#1
Upcoming Programs: August 16th - TBD, August 23rd- Muscatine Construction Updates, August 30th- Elections in Muscatine County