Recap from first hybrid club meeting 5/10/21.  
Invocation:  Paul Fitzpatrick
Happy News/Announcements:  Rick Gosney wished all a Happy Mothers day. He also thanked Megan Francis, Kim Warren, and Cindy Carver for their help in preparing for todays hybrid meeting.  All of our new members were recognized.  John Kuhl as happy that is daughter is graduating from Muscatine High School and will be going to college in Boston.  John also thanked Rick Gosney and Jess Wittman for their great leadership through the pandemic.  He also let us know that we are in need of a board member, if you are interested in being on the board let John know.  Erika Cox was happy to be at an in person meeting.  She also invited us to attend an MPW Power Supply for the Future webex on May 19th at 4:00 - 5:30.  MPW is in the process of converting from coal for energy to other sources.  Details are the MPW website.  Jim Nepple was happy that his granddaughter graduated from Colorado with a very impressive double major.  Rick Gosney updated us on Muscatine counties 7 day average for positive Covid cases7 day average is at 6% vs 8.5% last week, trending in the right direction.  
Program:  Our program was Bret Olson, Executive Director of YMCA of Muscatine.  Bret has been with the Muscatine YMCA since 2008.  Everything at the Y falls into one of 3 categories - Youth, Healthy Living and/or Social Responsibility.  There are 6 areas of programs at the Y.  Health promotion services - weights, yoga, spin class, etc.  Aquatics.  Family program services - parenting support, self sufficiency, respite, family focus, grandparent support.  Character development - skill building, teen program, youth sports, kids club and more (do not need to be a member to participate in most of these).  Big Brothers Big Sisters and Special Olympics.   The YMCA recently spent $7 million renovating and adding on.  They are planning to add some outdoor equipment as well, Bret said that we will be the first YMCA in Iowa to have outdoor facilities.  Attendance had dropped during the pandemic but is improving.  Thank you Bret.  
Reminders:  Next week will be a hybrid meeting at the Rendezvous.  It will be a fellowship meeting.  Rick will be sending out the invite - please RSVP as we need to know how many boxed meals to prepare.  
Have a great week !