We had our meeting on Zoom
Recap from the March 22, 2021 Club Meeting:
Invocation:  Paul Fitzpatrick
Visitors:  Zac Sperstad - MCC Biology Instructor,  Michelle Kelman - Rotary Club of Burlington, IA.  
Happy News:  Rob Yant was happy that his house in Minnesota has sold.  Paul Fitzpatrick was happy that he got to see his daughter and grandchildren.  John Kuhl went to Boston last week for spring break, his daughter will be going to college there.  John was also happy that he completed PETS training, it was virtual this year.  Noami DeWinter was happy to have completed PETS as well.  Michelle Kelman let us know that there will be an Alzheimer walk on September 24th.  Frank Iliff has been taking classes on gerontology and is doing very well.  John Kuhl reminded us that if you would like to become the club treasurer, let a board member know.  
Program:  Our program was Brian Ritter from Nahant Marsh Education Center in Davenport.  Brian is a member of the North Scott Rotary Club and has been with Nahant Marsh since 2007.  Nahant Marsh was founded in 2000 and sits on 305 acres.  In 2019 the marsh had over 20,000 visitors.  Brian spoke to us about the Rusty Catch Bumblebee, it is one of the rarest bees in America and some have been photographed in the Nahant Marsh.  Brian went on to tell us the importance of bees to the world - 80% of the crops worldwide require pollination.  For more information  www.nahantmarsh.org   Thank you Brian Ritter.  
Reminder:  Our next meeting on Zoom will be March 29, 2021 - Dustin Joy with the National Pearl Button Museum.  
Have a great week.