Posted by Mary Wildermuth on Jul 24, 2017
Program for July 24, 2017: NonViolent Peace Force Update with Mel Duncan
Invocation: Eric Thomsen
Happy News: Guests today were: Neal Nelson, Jamie Peecher, and Gage Huston guests of Erika Cox, Zach Carter guest of Kim Warren. Jennifer Stoble guest of Jessica Wittman Mike Ruby is happy he learned how to spell Erika's name and that friends gave $50 to our Rotary Club in honor of Mike being the District Governor. Judi Holdorf is happy she is not Rotary President anymore. Jessica Wittman is glad Jennifer Stoble is her guest today. Sal LoBianco had a birthday on Sunday! Diana Gradert reminded us of the Muscatine County Arts Council Fundraiser at Ardon Creek on Saturday evening!! Erika thanked Diana Gradert for being the greeter today! Cristian Lopez is helping with the invocations again this year!!   There is a Board Meeting today after the meeting.  Mike Ruby spoke about the World Bicycle Group and encouraged our participation in making these bikes the car, and pick up truck that they are to underdeveloped areas!!  Mike is planning on matching each of the 66 clubs in District 6000 with a bike for each club!  This is a project that can be used as a fundraiser for other groups, as well.
Program: Ingrid Anderson discussed the University of Iowa's BioMass Initiative.  The project began in 2013. The University is hoping to have 40% of their energy come from renewable resources by 2020.  They hope to be coal free by 2025.  They will do this by increasing the biomass and gas useage.  Biomass is made up of oat hulls, wood chips, Miscanthus and wood pellets. Miscanthus is being grown in Muscatine County for this project. The current issues with creating the necessary biomass  are logistics, storage and transportation!