Posted by Mary Wildermuth on May 15, 2017
The meeting location for April, May and June will be at the Rendezvous on Lucas Street
Program for May 22, 2017: Meet our Newest Members!!
Invocation: Erika Cox
Happy News: Karen Diercks is proud of her granddaughter for being outstanding orchestra student this year. Mike Ruby is happy his wife and daughter are spending time together in Paris! Jessica Wittman is happy to have shared Mother's Day with two amazing nephews and one sweet new baby! Melanie Alexander is happy to invite everyone to the Art Center's Open House on June 1, 2017! Naomi DeWinter is the proud Mama of 3 girls and many MCC students and she is happy to note that over 150 will graduate tomorrow night! Don Timmerman has survived his surgery and lived to tell! Nathan Mather is glad baby Benjamin is 9 months old today. Roger Lande is happy to say Sarah, their daughter and Sarah's sisters are visiting Dunkerton England for which Sarah's maiden name originated.
Program: Gary Carlson, State Representative gave an update on the recent legislative session.  Medicaid and K-12 education received $40 milllion dollars each for next year's budget along with 1.6 million to the state's community colleges. Due to the Revenue Estimating Committee's miscalculations most other budgets had to be decreased and will receive less in 2018 than in 2017. Gary highlighted major legislation changes including: Chapter 20 updates, Worker's Compensation, Second Amendment Rights, Preemption which is clarifying state control in regulating certain laws ie. minimum wage, Voter Integrity Bill, Distracted Driving, 24/7 Sobriety Bill, ProLife, Cannabis Oil Extension, Mental Health Parody, and State Family Planning. Second Amendment Rights include "stand your ground language" with the right to carry, enhancements for law enforcement, teaching your children how to use a handgun and personal identity information regarding the right to carry.  Cannibis Oil Extension provides more access for end of life type coverage and specific medical uses for Epilepsy and other medicinal needs.   Informative, interesting and impactful!!  Thanks Gary!!