Program for February 13, 2017: Christopher Atchison from the University of Iowa Hygenic Lab
Guests today: John Hendrickson, guest of Chris Ingstad and Roger Lande, guest of Sarah Lande.
Happy News: Paul Fitzpatrick was very happy about the Chinese Symphony. Diana Broderson reminded us of the Open House today at the Y for Susan Cory. Mary Odell is glad that Erika and Shane have stepped it up a year to become Rotary Presidents and she is also thankful about her birthday rememberances. Naomi DeWinter is pleased with great crowd for the Legislative Session at the College on Saturday.  Dick Stanley is happy Mary Jo's broken leg is on the mend and that she could attend the Sound of Music!! Keith Porter is proud of Ben Rivera's dancing in Bodyguard in Chicago!! Scott Ingstad rose to Mary Odell's February Birthday Challenge..but he is not happy about his age number!!  He is thinking we should all see Joe Weiskamp play ball.  Only 46 points in overtime!! Sarah Lande is proud that we have Curt Weiss leading our County Parks' Team!!
Club Business: Bobbi Holliday announced one winner from the Super Bowl Fund Raiser!!  Chuck Moody guessed the half time score.  We garnered $260 toward the Scholarship fund. There will be an opportunity to participate again. This time for March Madness!!  Erika announced that PETS training is coming up.  There will be no Rotary on Presidents Day. Erika will be our next President and Shane Orr will follow her!!
Program:  Curt Weiss provided a very informative program on Deep Lakes Park, Discovery Park, the Environmental Learning Center, Saulsbury Bridge Recreation Area, and a potential public shooting range. Deep Lakes Park  has 20 bodies of water covering 55 acres.  Monsanto and County staff have built a fishing dock.  A swimming beach was added in 2016 which is free of charge, and is family friendly with no use of alcohol or tobacco allowed.  Contour maps are being made to note where fishing is available.  The maps and information about the various projects are on the County website.  Additional space is being made at Discovery Park with the demolition of the County Care Facility.  The Environmental Learning Center continually updates their exhibits and was able to do so with a $200,000 grant from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust.  The hours of the center are 8--4:30 M-F and Noon-4 on Saturday and Sunday.