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Located on the bend of the Mississippi River, Muscatine was established in 1836 by Colonel John Vanater. The name of our city is unique in that no other city in the world is named Muscatine. Muscatine is a Native American name. Historians have hotly debated whether the city name means "Fiery Nation" or if the city was named after the Mascoutin Native Americans who lived in the area. In the late 1800's Muscatine produced more than 1.5 billion pearl buttons per year or 40% of the buttons produced annually throughout the world. The pearl buttons were made from fresh water mussel shells that were harvested from the Mississippi River and Muscatine was dubbed the "Pearl Button Capital of the World." Muscatine has long been known for its beautiful river sunsets. Mark Twain, who once was a writer for our local newspaper, the Muscatine Journal, said "I remember Muscatine for its sunsets. I have never seen any on either side of the ocean that equaled them." Today, Muscatine is famous for its Muscatine Melons, some of the sweetest melons you'll ever taste. Come discover for yourself why the "Pearl City of the Mississippi" is a real gem!