Program for September 9, 2013: Security at the Quad City Airport
Invocation by: Bob Lande
Rotary Guests: JoAnn Ruby

Happy News: President Keith Porter is happy to have a student from Kosovo living with he and Deb who is attending Muscatine Community College.  Rich Dwyer is celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary!! Rick Ray is happy that Summer Camp was a success!! President Keith read Greg Jenkins name for the 2nd reading.  He reminded members to sign up for committees on the forms on the tables. Everyone needs to be on at least 1 committee.  He also noted that District Governor Jacque Andrews had put information about future training dates and the Rotary Convention in May on the tables for us!!

Rotary Program: Mike Ruby introduced District Governor Jacque Andrews.  Jacque noted that Muscatine has our future President Leadership Group selected 3-4 years ahead of being President and noted that as outstanding.  She stated the Rotary Theme this year is Engage Rotary Change Lives. Rotary has 2 great assets...our members and our service.  She reminded us that someone invited us to join Rotary. She also asked us to look around and remember members that are not here today and intentionally invite them to come. Our passions and interests show through when we are more interested in what is going on.  Our meetings are more memorable because of the membership rather than the meal we are eating!!

Jacque demonstrated the Rotary Service Motto by telling us of her interest and involvement in bringing 17 Kosovo refugees to her community through Rotary.  It was memorable because of the common shared experiences!!  She also told us that she has great memories of her Immunization Trip this past Spring to immunize children against polio.  She then asked us to mark our pinkie with the purple marker to start a conversation in the community and "Engage" them in a Rotary project/conversation!!