Meeting Location: Clarion Hotel on Highway 61

Program for September 17, 2012: Doug Schnoebelen "Rivers as Bridges Project"
Invocation by: Ann Meeker

Guests on September 10, 2012: Friendship Exchange Rotarians from British Columbia including Bob and June Nuyens, Jim and Inga Lamont, Bill and Irene Fury, Gordon and Alexia Turner, Jake and Linda Krahn,; Judy Ward, JoAnn Ruby, Debbie Nelson and Usha Balakrishnan Iowa City Rotary Club. 

Your Rotary Board: President, Kelly Garvin, Keith Porter, Sarah Ingstad, Secretary, Brooke Mehaffey, Treasurer ,Mike Ruby, Tony Joseph, Scott Ingstad, Steve Jameson and Mary Odell.

Rotary News: Picnic is Monday, September 17, 2012 at 6:00 P.M. at Tim and Debbie Nelson's!!  Ann Meeker told us that for today Cornerstone Catering has prepared our meal and would like to be considered in our future plans for meals.

Happy News: ISU provided lots of contributions from members... Harvey Albee enjoyed ISU Band at the Football Game, Scott Natvig was happy about the ISU victory over Iowa, Keith Porter was happy about the ISU Band Performance, Kip Fisher sported his Cyclone Fever, Rich Dwyer supports both sides red and gold, Gene Mathern was glad ISU won, Sal Lobianco was happy for ISU, and the marching band at the Muskie Game,  Alex from BC was appreciative of the host families and the Muscatine experience, Mike Ruby was glad about the Friendship Exchange, Dave Utley has a granddaughter who is going to Illinois but was accepted at Iowa, Larry Hetzler was happy about the Cyclone Victory, Bill Decker had much to share ...ISU Band, and the ISL vote... Charlie Lewis was Cyclone happy, Judi Holdorf wanted to say that women enjoy sports too and Kelly Garvin was happy her kids won their category in the Founder's Day parade in Wilton.

Our Bristish Columbia guests exchanged their hometown flags with us representing 3 different clubs. Each Rotarian couple then provided a brief background about their club and their home life.  This included powerpoint and narration.  Represented was the Rotary Club of Nelson, West Kooteny evening and morning clubs.  Tom Ward encouraged us to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in a Friendship Exchange with Rotary.   Interests of the Rotarians were gardening, grandchildren, the arts and general interest in their communities by their individual involvement in Rotary Projects,