Program for Today: Roger Lande and DNR!! Welcome HOME, Roger!!

October 3  Invocation by: Chris Ingstad

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Scott Ingstad in his Rotary moment told us about the revitalization of Schools in Sri Lanka. Recent initiatives have impacted over 15,000 students.

President Mike Ruby reminded us to sign up for the Rotary Picnic planned for October 4th at Tim and Debbie Nelson's home. He also told us that Troy Pugh has resigned due to work commitments. Mike mentioned that the Community Projects Committee has donated $600 to the Muscatine Symphony Orchestra for transferring equipment prior to each concert.

The Youth Exchange Committee will meet today.

Guests today include: Don Johnson, President of our club from 1997-1998. Todd Poci, Kerry Hawkins, Mike Ferguson, Aric Bower, Rita Biah and our presenters Cathie Rochau and Mike Haney.

Happy News: Anna Mack is proud that her son passed the bar and is also happy that her husband's colon tumor was found and he is now recovering. Her message..get your colonoscopy!! Harvey Allbee is happy that we having a picnic at Tim Nelson's home. Norm Smith is happy that Illinois won, Kip Fisher is happy that the Hawkeyes kept the ball moving...Nathan Mather's daughter just turned 2, David Stanley is smiling over the Hawkeyes and Judi Holdorf is happy that her son helped someone at the Triatholon who had a bike accident..even though it slowed his time considerably.

David and Jeannie Stanley were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the Rotary Foundation. Jeannie received a 2 sapphire pin and David a 5 sapphire pin. Their combined contributions were for $9000. That is a lot of polio vaccinations....15,000 children at .60 per child.

Program: Tim Nelson introduced Mike Haney and Cathie Rochau from the Quad City Airport. 2000 persons a day fly through the Quad City Airport. The airport has been seeing major construction with runways being closed. Several upgrade projects have taken place including the Runway Project, Fuel Farm and Vacant Space. John Deere has built a new hangar which has enabled the Airport to acquie their old one. They hope to renovate the space for Caribbean Charters and to use it for clearing customs. Air Tran is leaving the QC, however, discussions are underway with Allegiant.

Major airlines including, Delta, American Eagle, and United Express all have apps for your phone so that travel and flight connections can be checked. Another site to use is Flight Tracker is also available to determine when flights are arriving.