Program for October 29, 2012: All American Care Living Stronger Longer with Jerry Rhoads

Invocation: by Rick Ray

Guests on October 22,  2012: Amber Wood, Kevin Mathis, Rafa, Taylor Berry, Laura Wood, Mary Nietzel, Elizabeth Sturms, Ali Moss and Jake Mueller.  First Reading was held for Kevin Mathis as a new member.

Happy News: Judi Holdorf is enjoying working on her golf score and now knows skill and luck are not the same thing.  Harvey Allbee is  proud of the Musikie Coaching Staff.  Scott Ingstad is reminding us that the Muskies are in the playoffs, Wednesday Evening and is wishing them the best!! Tim Nelson is proud that his son is getting married on November 10th and is not married yet as stated in the bulletin!! Bill Phelan is happy that the bypass has been renamed the Doug King Memorial Parkway!!

Program: Judi Holdorf and Jim Nepple discussed the founding of the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine in the Fall of 1999.  The Community Foundation is a good concept because it allows the bringing together of various component funds under one umbrella. Individuals set up the funds and the investing and accounting is done by the Community Foundation.  The Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine serves the entire Muscatine County area and is accredited by the National Council on Foundations. 

The Community Foundation of Muscatine has a Regranting Program which has given out $650,000 in grants to 100 organizations. A Free Supply Program hands out new, excess or surplus equipment to the county region, seeks to Address the Greatest Need in our County, Sponsors the Great Initiatives and Youth Initiative Program,  provides Dental Services for the Underserved as well as, collaborating with education, personal and organizational development.

The Community Foundation is the Charitable Partner for 100 Component funds.  A sustainable community is being created through the Endowment Program which enables causes, places or people to put resources into a longterm fund that will generate revenue to support the project over time.  A tax credit program is available through the State of Iowa the creates a 25% tax credit return on one's investment.  Judi and Jim remained available to answer questions.