Program for October 22, 2012: Endowing Muscatine with Jim Nepple and Judi Holdorf

Invocation by: Mike Ruby

Guests on October 15, 2012: Mark Petersen, Jerry Rhoads, Bob Peacock, Kevin Mathis, Jake Muelor, Jessica Minart, Marissa Ewers, Noah Salmonson, Nicole White, Elizabeth Sturms, Taylor Borde, and Stan Freilinger.

Rotary News: Next week’s meeting will again be at Calvary Church with HyVee catering. Don't forget to complete at least five questions on the questionnaire Jessica Whitman sent out to everyone.

Happy News: Scott Ingstad shared that he was very honored to have been elected into the MHS Hall of Honor. Marv Krieger invited everyone to the dedication of the Doug King Memorial Highway this Saturday, October 20th, at the GM Showroom at 9:30 am. Tim Nelson announced that his son was married on last Saturday. Harvey Albee praised the Hawks, the Muskies, and the Cardinals. Mark Mather said his son and our fellow Rotarian, Nathan, welcomed baby James Nathan into the world. Dave Utley also praised the Hawks.

Sarah Lande introduced special guest, Rob Peacock, from South Africa. Rob and Sarah met when she went on her friendship exchange there. Rob is here visiting friends and promoting another friendship exchange which is currently being organized. These exchanges normally last three weeks and are a great experience to learn about Rotary in other countries as well as sight see and make new friends. If you'd like more information about the upcoming trip please see Sarah.

Program: Rotarian, Diana Gradert, and her son in law Mark Petersen talked about WTC and Integrated Technologies. Diana shared that her father bought the business in 1952 and talked about growing up with the telephone business. She showed interesting pictures depicting the evolution of lines to the switchboard to dial to digital. WTC and Integrated Technologies moved to their current location in 1977. Today the services they provide include security systems; cable TV; high speed internet; computer repair, clean up & security; networking; business phone systems; cell phone service through iWireless; and landline phone service with many options. Diana invited us all to a business after hours they will be holding on Novmber 8th at the Geneva Country Club.

WTC's website, tells about the interesting history that Diana and Mark shared. It says:

The telephone was first shown to the public at the Centennial World’s Fair in Philadelphia in 1876. In 1881, just five years after Bell’s invention was perfected, the telephone came to Wilton Iowa.

On June 9, 1881, The Hawkeye Telephone Co. started setting poles between Wilton and Muscatine and by August of 1882 Wilton had direct telephone connections with Muscatine, Davenport, Rock Island, Moline, and Geneseo.

Although there was a telephone exchange in Wilton in the 1880s, the phone in private homes was an exception rather than the rule. Very few farmers had telephones but in the mid-1890s neighbors began to organize their own companies, building lines to the nearest exchange and bargaining for service.

In 1901, several citizens realized the need for a switchboard, and an organization to furnish telephone service was formed. A survey was taken that revealed that at least 50 people desired service so nine men organized and incorporated the Wilton Telephone Company with capitalization of $3,000.

From these humble beginnings, WTC, has evolved into one of the most state-of-the-art telecommunications providers in our area.

Today, WTC provides customers in and around the Wilton area with Digital TV (including HDTV, Digital Video Recorders and Video on Demand), fast and reliable Internet service, security systems, computer repair services and even cellular service from i wireless to keep you connected on the go.

WTC is also the leading business security and communications company in our area, providing fire and security, phone system and computer and networking services to over 1,000 companies across Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois, including Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Mt. Pleasant, Burlington, Davenport and the Quad Cities.

All of us at WTC are consistently and diligently researching the latest products and services so we can provide you with all of the same technologies and services you can get in the “big city” at small town prices. Whether you need reliable Internet out in the country, or you’re looking for the latest and greatest phones and wireless plans, we’ve got you covered.

The staff and the board of WTC are also committed to the communities we serve. From sponsoring local baseball teams, to being active in all of our local chambers, to supporting community events and local causes, we strive to grow with the communities we serve. And you can always be sure when you call or stop by our office, you’ll talk to a local person you can trust who can help you right away.

It is our genuine pleasure to serve you!