Program for October 20, 2014: Rachel Riley Smock Domestic Violence Month

Invocation by: Jim Stein

Guests today:  Annette Shipley. Second reading for Bobbi Holliday as a new member. Induction of Bryant Petersen and Cristian Lopez as new members.

Happy News and News: Rachel Riley Smock is happy her son's soccer team went undefeated this season. Shane Orr is happy for the most successful Vintner's Dinner. Janet Morrow has placed Muscatine the Magazine, the new issue on our tables. Scott Ingstad enjoyed the Hawkeye Game with Greg Thomopolous and also is happy that the Kansas City Royals won!! David Stanley is happy Steve Titus is here, the Hawkeyes won, his Prostate Cancer is responding to treatment and Jeannie celebrated her 86th birthday!! Shelley Sides updated us on Kip Fisher who broke his leg. Kip is moving to Premier Estates today.

Announcements: Judi Holdorf updated us on Operation Warm.  We have purchased 163 coats and contributed $2000. We still need drivers for the Healthy Living Festival on Saturday. Especially needed is the time from 2-4!  Mike Ruby gave a brief update on the trip to Haiti.  With $1250 and several matches 9 wells were dug that serve over 3200 persons.  Haiti is definately a country of need.  Mary Odell updated us on newest water project in India. Rich Dwyer also let us know that our contributions are making a difference in Japan where they are still recovering from the Tsuanmi and the earthquake.

Program: Steve Titus, President of Iowa Wesleyan College, told us about current enrollement, strategic planning progress and the college's vision for the future.  The college currently enrolls over 500 students with plans to enroll 1600 in the future considering the regional demographics and age of the population. Trends are to work with community colleges and high schools in the area to enroll more students. A historical tradition that anchors the institution in it's birth in 1842 with many stellar achievements. President Titus is out here in the field gathering data and talking about the proud traditions and great plans for a strong future.