Program for Today: Rebuilding Together...Frank Iliff

October 17 Invocation by: Paul Kraushaar

Guests October 10th: included Badar Al-Salmon, guest of Gregs Thomopolus; De Wayne Hopkins (Hoppi), guest of Marv Krieger; Joni Anderson, counselor from the high school brought Drake Decker, Keegan Dwyer, and Michael Davis.

Emily Conn, of Conn Communications, was introduced as a prospective new member and her father, Tony Conn, a fellow Rotarian from Keokuk, was also a guest.

October 17 their will be a meeting of the PR Committee of which Steve Jameson is the chair.

A BIG thank you to Tim and Debbie Nelson for the GREAT Rotary Picnic. (Thank You Holly and Caren for taking minutes for me last week!!)

November 7th, Monday, will be replaced by guest night at the Art Center from 5:30-7:00 P.M.

Members need to sign up at the sheet in the back.

Member Changes

Sue Dravis has announced that she has a new job at IBM in Dubuque and she will be moving.

Jeff Armstrong will be in the Quad Cities due to his new promotion as Vice Chancellor, although Bob Allbee will be joining us as Interim MCC President.

Member Profile - Holly Peterson said people are her passion and she is glad to be in the club.

New Members

Todd Poci, sponsored by Diana Gradert; Bob Allbee, former Rotarian, was pinned by Kelly Garvin; Bill Decker, sponsored by Scott Ingstad, and Rose Mary Boesen was welcomed as a transfer member.All were welcomed into the club and each told a little about themselves.Todd will be on the World CommunityService committee, Bob will be Program Chair, Bill will be on the PR Committee and Rose Mary will be on the Membership Committee.

Happy News

  • Sarah Lande talked about the library and the Mission Possible program and also the REAP Conference at the Discovery Center (money for recreation and conservation).
  • Bob Jensen announced that Temp Associates will be celebrating 25 years in business fromon Thursday.
  • Bill Decker announced he was glad to put money in since his son is attending the meeting today and asked members to get in touch with him with questions about the school if there is ever a need.
  • Diane Gradert announced that her granddaughter, Amy Hurd, received a trustees scholarship to Coe College.
  • Greggs Thomopolos was glad that Badar Al-Salmon from Kiwait was there and that they have such a long friendship.
  • Karen Diercks invited everyone to the Walnut Room at 7:30 Friday for the Kids First pancake breakfast.
  • Badar Al-Salmon recognized his long friendship with Greggs and told how happy he was to be here.
  • Mike Ruby announced that his son-in-law, Alan, passed the CPA exam.

Paul Carroll introduced Carlos Duran.Carlos is from Mexico and is an artist, painter, sculptor and photographer, and has gallery space on the 2nd floor of the Muscatine Center for Non-Profits.

Carlos told about the 13th Annual Latino Conference that will be held October 28th -29th.

On Friday, the 28th, high school students from around the state will attend.Simon Estes will be there on the 29th along with Juan Carlos Mendoza.Everyone is invited to attend the workshops on Saturday.

The Simon Estes concert is $10 and will start at 6:00.

The Conference is held to strengthen and value Latino Communities in Iowa and is sponsored by the whole community.Look on the Muscatine Journal web page for more information.