Program for Today: Carlos Duran ...Latino Conference in Muscatine

October 10 Invocation by: Scott Ingstad

Keith Porter in his Rotary moment told us about the growth of Rotary all over this world... Argentina, Germany, Japan, South Africa and Australia... highlights of a survery were shared and the outcome...potential Rotarians know about Rotary because you as a Rotarian share your story about your experiences and friendships... So go tell everyone..... and Rotary will continue to GROW!!

President Mike Ruby reminded us to check our committee participation online or at the back table...we all need to be on a committee are U? Second reading of Todd Poci's name for membership, reminder of the picnic at Tim Nelson's home on Tuesday, October 4, Keith Porter told us about Guest Night at the Art Center on Monday Evening, November 7th from 5:30 P.M.-7:00 P.m.; Mary Odell encouraged us all to participate in the "Let's Start Somewhere Walk" Friday...sign up online at Iowa Healthy State. Mary Wildermuth told us that Marilyn Smith fell and broke her wrist.. Marv Krieger thanked Rotary, his father, his wife and his sons for their support in helping him secure the club's Bob Roach Award.

Guests today include: Eric Long guest of Bob Lande, Joni Anderson, Lee Miller guest of Jim Nepple, Claudio Vitalie also guest of Jim, Todd Poci, Bill Odhe and Joel Oschot, guests of Roger Lande, and students Sabra Cacho, Elizabeth Cantrell, Bryson Cale and Alex Chandler. and Mike Ferguson from the Muscatine Journal.

Dick Stanley introduced Lee Miller as the Club's Citizen of the Year Award Recipient for his dedication to the Civil War Statue project and Lee reminded us that a feat such as this does not happen with just one person at the helm.

Bob Lande introduced Vocational Award Winner, Roger Lande for his lifelong achievements in his career with Stanley Lande and Hunter and now his appointment by the Governor as the lead at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Roger is also a 50 year member of the Iowa Bar Association. Congrats to Lee and Roger!!

Program: Award Recipient Roger Landeprovided an informative overview of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Roger shared his shaving view of his accepting the appointment...wondering "what was I thinking?" Roger says fishing in Iowa is the best it has ever been. Clean water and top soil are very important to all of us and create an environmental impact.There are 900 employees within the DNR with a total budget of $213 million coming from over 200 sources. DNR's job is to take complaints from public of which there are 50,000 each year with only 2% requiring legal enforcement. The department coaches to get persons and businesses into compliance.

Roger went on to say that DNR also is in charge of Hazardous Material safety and enforcement efforts as well as, overseeing manure management at over 6000 confined animal feeding operations in the state. Students interested can participate in an Intern Programof which a couple of program sites are local ones like Heinz and Ibsco.