Program for November 5, 2012: Phase 3 Development Project Committee Report by Brad Bark, Tim Riley, and Jennifer Livermore

Invocation: by Bill Phelan

Guests on October 29, 2012: Jerry Rhoads, Kevin Mathis, Stacy Eversmeyer, Andrea Grubaugh, Sara Lottspieth, Olivia Crosco, and Mark Olmstead.

Happy News: Marv Krieger and Kip Fisher were happy that ISU had won. Dick Stanley is proud of a student friend. Dave Stanley was proud of Jeannie being honored by the Foundation for Evangelism and her Chairmanship Honor. Bill Decker is proud of his son being a qualifier on the Monmouth College golf team and for the great news about Madison Elementary School. Madison is the only school in the state that is closing the achievement gap significantly for ELL students. Mary Wildermuth announced that the Festival of Wreaths is this weekend at the Art Center and tickets are available today. She also announced that the Holiday Exhibit is a familiar one with Springs and Sprockets being crafted into a Christmas theme. You won't want to miss either event!! Steve Jameson jumped up to buy 2 tickets for the Festival of Wreaths from Mary.

Program: Judy Holdorf introduced Jerry Rhoads from All American Care to share his thoughts on Aging by Living Longer and Stronger!!  Jerry concludes it is all a head game.  Age and mental outlook are synonomous.   Jerry is the author of 6 books. He contends that we need to look at being well not being ill.  It is one's state of mind that controls how one functions and ultimately lives.  The key to yourself is your subconsious which controls your life.   We must reset our habits. Worry and stress are our biggest deterrents. 85% of what we worry over never happens  Simply put 7.5% of what we worry over happens.

We should think about what to do. Not what not to do.  We are what we think we are.  Our mantra should be Happy, Healthy, Prosperous not Hateful, Frightful and Cynical.  40% of aging is stress relted. Jerry strongly believes that medication in nursing facilities must be reduced by one third.   We need to practice self health.  We need to pay for a health outcome not by our income!!

Jerry provided a free book to each Rotarian at the meeting!!