Program for November 26, 2012: Representative Mark Lofgren...Legislative Outlook for 2013

Invocation: Dave Utley
Guests on November 19, 2012: Students: Brad Schafer, Michael Cahill, Kelsha Westphal, Rafaella Andrino, Eric Torrres, and Nathan Halstead.  Other guests: Chris Steinbach, Mike Ferguson, Melanie Alexander, Jerry Rhoads and Jake Mueller.

Happy News: Judi Holdorf was proud of her granddaughter who baked birthday cupcakes for the Governor, Mike Frey happy that his granddaughter had turned 13 and celebrated by going to Fiddler on the Roof, Bill Decker is proud of the MCSD progress within the state for our STEM work, Tim Nelson is happy that his son has just celebrated his marriage.  Mary Wildermuth was happy that the Kent Exhibit has just opened and that the Muscatine History and Industry Center celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a great party! Todd Poci is happy that his daughter Violet has just turned 3. Dana Yerington is proud of her daughter and her Coins for Christmas Project. Mike Hagerty is a new grandpa and proud of baby George Lawrence.  Tony Joseph is happy to have been to China and believes it is a great new business venture for Muscatine!!

President Kelly did the first reading for new members for Jerry Rhoads and Chris Steinbach!!  During Fun with Jessica Rotarian tables were quizzed to determine table knowledge of Turkey Day facts.

Program: Tom Ward introduced fellow Rotarian Steve Ahmann who provided an informative presentation on Farming for the Future.  He discussed many Monsanto products, company goals and made projections for food needs around the world.  Steve suggested that we view the "Future of Farming" as seen on John Deere's website or on Youtube.  The American Family will spend 8-12% of their income on food while other less fortunate countries such as Africa will spend at least 60%.  He spoke about Water Utilization and told us to visit the Water Utilization Learning Center in Nebraska.  Water is a key resource and is becoming more valuable than oil.  Farming today is sophisticated in that a tractor and the computer on board can analyze the variances in a field and tell the farmer/the machinery what is needed to grow the best crop ...more fertilizer, this seed etc.  This is called precision planting.  Other technologies utilized are GPS's, drones, cell phones and global collaboration.  Farming is sophisticated and ever advancing!!