November 21, 2011 Program for Today: Jason Glass Iowa Dept of Education

November 21 Invocation by: Dave Utley

Guests November 14: Rachel Litwiler, Joanne Ruby and several MHS Seniors, and Tony Conn.

Club Communications: Thank You from the Kids First Fund for the contribution of $850 by Mike Hagerty and a note from District Governor Don Patterson and wife Becky for their enjoyable visit.

Mike had all Rotarians with 75% or better attendance stand up and be recognized!!

Thank You's to the Special Events Committee for a great event last Monday evening. Barb Christensen, Sara Ingstad, Keith Porter and Marilyn Smith

Happy News for the Day: Tony Joseph is proud of his son Wayne for placing second in the Klavonova Competition. and I missed writing down Sara Lande's ...

Induction of a New Member: Emily Conn was inducted with a pinning by her Dad who is the Rotary Club President in Keokuk and Jim Stein her Muscatine Club sponsor. Welcome Emily!!

Program for today: Cal Litwiler Past District Governor shared highlights of his West to East Coast Bike Trip to raise Polio Awareness. Rachel shared the "Rotarian Flavors of the World Cookbook" available through her for $12 including postage with $5 going to Polio Eradication. We have a form if anyone is interested in purchasing this cookbook.

Cal has ridden in 11 Ragbrai's and had a fabulous trip across the U.S. seing dams, petrified wood, churches, agriculture, great countryside...all kinds of weather and lots of nice people!!