Program for November 18, 2013: Western Illinois University Museum Studies Program

Invocation by: Diana Broderson

Guests: 3.0 Seniors including: Austin Fuller, Carissa Chatfield, Jonathan Brauns, and Andrew Minder. John Kuhl potential new member and guest of Eric Thomsen.

NO MEETING on November 11, 2013!!

Happy News: Tony Joseph was pleased with the success of the China Delegation 30th Anniversary events and of his 2 sons and their musical prowess with an Honorable Mentions included.  Lucas was happy that he could attend the Hawkeye game. Judi Holdorf was proud of her daughter in law who just opened a cupcake shop at Jordan Creek Mall!  Keith Porter was proud of his son Tom who just completed Basic Training in South Carolina!!

President Keith asked Brooke Mehaffey to stand and be recognized for her leadership as Treasurer of the club. Diana Broderson was introduced as the new treasurer.  Keith also noted that we will not have a Rotary meeting next Monday in observance of Veteran's Day.

Rotary Program: Melanie Alexander introduced Cedar Rapids Rotarian Gail Naughton to the club as the Director of the National Czech and Slovak Museum.  Gail provided an informative program about the renovation and move of the museum after the flood of 2008.  The Museum was recognized in 1995 as a National Museum by then President Bill Clinton.  The flood of 2008 destroyed the interior of the building with 8 feet of water inside.  The damage was in the range of $11 million. Back on their feet the museum has expanded and been relocated to higher ground.

Madeleine Albright's pin collection "Read My Pins" has just concluded as an exhibit.  Faces of Freedom is part of the permanent collection and talks about the Czech Heritage.  The Textile Collection features many old costumes.  Gail left information on the tables regarding future exhibits and the upcoming Christmas Markets in early December.