November 7, 2011 ... Guest Night at the Muscatine Art Center 5:30-7:00 P.M.

November 14, 2011 Program for Today: Cal Litwiler "Polio Plus Awareness ... Rotary Trip to Africa

November 14 Invocation by: Anna Mack

Guests October 31st: Ray Oehme the guest of Ron Yohe, Molly Cantrell Kraig, Kim Dickens, Bob and Judy Stepanek guests of Paul Carroll. 2nd reading of Emily Conn's name for membership and being sponsored by Jim Stein.

Keith Porter acting President reminded us to sign up for the Guest Night on the 7th of November.

Caren Luke in her Rotary moment talked about the coal chain... the vehicle used to transport vaccines, the infrastructure being used within the 4 countries still with active polio to make elimination sustainable.


Happy News for the Day: Lots of Happy Cyclone Fans... Marv Krieger, Dick Stanley,Scott Natvig, Larry Hetzler, Charlie Lewis and Gene Mathern ...while Harvey Albee and Jeff Miller were cheering for the Cardinals 2011 World Series Champs, as was David Stanley who learned to root for them with Aunt Totie!! Tim Nelson shared that he and wife Debbie are the Red Kettle Campaign Chairs this year. Bill Decker was happy that the Girls Volleyball Team is being so successful and that the school district's website has rolled over to a new format and that you can access information from the site by putting in your address...(site is

Paul Carroll shared his profile through the use of powerpoint family pictures and told of his family's scholarship in honor of his Mother at the Community Foundation.


Program for today: Paul Carroll introduced the Muscatine Center for Nonprofits program and stated that it was the idea of Dick Maeglin who invited many to use space in the former Marie Lindsey Furniture Store Building. Nonprofits persons sharing program information were: Kim Dickens for Writers on the Avenue, Team Storm,Volt ( a storage location for clothes) and the Lupus Support Group. Molly Cantrell Kraig spoke on Women with Drive an entity supported by Mutual of Omaha providing inexpensive working cars for women who need them. Anyone with extra Mileage Plus Miles can support Molly in returning home from a conference... Finally Bob and Judy Stepanek shared their dream of the House of Hope for troubled teens and the intervention and prevention of drug use, suicide etc. Other groups using the Center include Carlos Duran and the promotion of the Arts, the Girl Scouts and a TaiKwan Do Group!!