May 9, 2011 Club Bulletin #373
by Mary Wildermuth

Program for Today: 3.0 Senior Luncheon at The Rendezvous (3127 Lucas Street)


May 9 Invocation by: Dennis

President Tom Ward explained in his informative Rotary
moment that May is Convention Month.  The first Rotary Convention was held in
1910 in Chicago. 14 clubs participated with 60 attendees.  By 2011 over 40,000
people attend the International Convention.  The Rotary motto came from the
conferences:  He profits most who serves his fellow best. 

Tom also noted that a Rotarian friend Bill Housch at passed away.  He
reminded us that the meeting on May 9th will be held at The
across the street.

Charlie Lewis  reminded us that: Suggestions for new HPHF nominees are due to be given to the
Nominating Committee by MAY 9, 2011 AND
MAY 16, 2011 after the regular club meeting.
MEMBERS of the Nominating Committee
are: Jim Stein, Bev White, Gary Wieskamp, Karen Diercks, Marvin Krieger.

Happy News: Sarah Lande was happy that Brooke Mehaffey had
graciously helped her with the powerpoint for her program last week and that
trail and walk on the High Trestle Bridge from Woodward to Madrid had been
completed.  This little jaunt is only 26 miles and Sarah completed it last

Marilyn Smith reported that Jeremy was worn out from all his
weekend events, Rotary, Prom, Cape and etc. and was unable to attend today's
meeting. ( Some wondered jokingly if we needed to send him a GET Well

Rick Ray reminded us that tickets for the Salvation Army
Annual Dinner are available still for the May 13, 2011 event featuring Phil
Vischer the Veggie Tails creator. 

Jim Nepple completed an item on his Bucket List by attend
the Berkshire Hathaway Annual meeting. He and 40,000 others!!

Holly Peterson is happy that her son is flying in for
Mother's Day from Las Vegas!!

Program:  Dave Fowler, MHS Ag
teacher began the program at the Muscatine Ag Learning Center by
talking about the goals of FFA.  He then introduced Erin Lagonne who presented
the FFA Creed for us and then Ashley Tomlin (2nd in the state) for
Public Speaking.  Ashley told us of the fallacies in believing everything you
read about raising hogs and their influence on the world food supply.  She kept
us focused and listening intently as she made her speech about "Getting Real". 
We all learned a lot and have much respect for her knowledge and ability to
communicate it so well.

Joel Edge, Ag Learning Center Manager
then told us about the facilities,grounds and events at the Center. There are 20
horse stalls available for rent, 10 runs for cattle and many opportunities for
coming to the Center with family and grandchildren.  Interested persons can sign
the email list to get regular updates. Website is