Program for May 14, 2012: U of Iowa Museum of Art with Sean O'Harrow

Invocation by:

Guests today: Joni Axel, DeWayne Hopkins, Barbara Woodstra, Doyle Tubandt, Janet Rauch, Dick Maeglin, Shirley, Chuck and Emily Schlichter, Jennifer Smyser and Sean Harder

Mike thanked Keith for presiding last week. He reminded us that Kelly Garvin is in Bangkok at the Rotary Convention, Garden Project Committee is meeting today at 1:00 P.M and the Community Projects Committee will meet next week at 1:00 P.M. Anyone located a memory stick please give it to Ron Yohe he would be very grateful if it is found!!

President Mike Ruby awarded John Sleichter his Sustaining Paul Harris pin in the presence of his parents and pinned by his wife. John has been a Rotarian since 1981 and was sponsored by George Shepley!!

Program for Today: Keith Porter presided over the "Muscatine Old Friends" Chinese VP visit to Muscatine program. He said the program is based on three anchoring ideas: a behind the scenes view, what is going on now and thirdly a thank you to the community and the Old Friends for representing Muscatine so graciously!! Including Cynthia Maeglin, Dick Stanley and the others mentioned in the guest listing above. Sarah Lande provided the historical overview of the event and told us that the "Old Friends" have been invited to visit China and the Vice President from May 26, 2012 - June 5, 2012!! Sarah mentioned the 60 press interviews, the numerous rearrangements of furniture, the guests invited in to eat the food that the special guests had to leave behind...the blessings that had to be given from Bejing on every decison and the fun she and the others had enjoying the special visitor!!

Sarah's favorite quote: " Coming here is like coming back home...for me... YOU are AMERICA!!"