Program for May 12, 2014: Muscatine Railroad History by William Lindsay
Invocation: Tim Nelson

Guests: 3.0 Seniors in recognition of their Graduation.
Rotary News: Jim Sturms is in the hospital. Kip Fisher celebrated his 90th birthday on Sunday. President Keith noted that Rotary is the in the top 5% of the charitable organizations in the world.


Rotary Program: Superintendent Jerry Riibe made a few introductory comments regarding the graduating class being recognized at today's luncheon.  Scott Ingstad called the names of participating 3.0 Seniors.  Scott also read a brief bio of each scholarship recipient and then named the students.  This year's scholarship winners were:  Selena Reiner, Grace Seaba, Megan Harris and Anna Noll.

Emily Smith graduating senior and Rotary outbound student prepared a few celebratory remarks for her class.  Emily having gone to Spain with Rotary learned the lesson of "just say yes!"  Saying yes is an Amazing way to live your first it is hard but eventually it is such a great and amazing way to live.  Emily wished the graduates the very best for their futures and their  lives!!

Jay McKee's 3.0 Luncheon included:  Erika Cox, Rick Gosney, Scott Ingstad, Jay McKee, Dawn Sturms Dodds, Mike Hagerty, Bob Jensen, Jeff Miller and Bob Allbee!!  It was a very nice luncheon celebration!! Kudos to the committee