March 7, 2011 Club Bulletin # 364  (Meeting is at the Musser Public Library)

Program for Today: Honoring our Libraries... Reading is for Everyone

February 28 Invocation by: Kelly Garvin

February 28 Song Leader: Tim Nelson

Guests for February 28, 2011: Mike Ferguson from the Muscatine Journal

President Tom Ward shared the Rotary Moment and explained the PETS training that incoming Presidents attend. Mike Ruby and Kelly Garvin will be attending on Friday and Saturday, March 4 and March 5th.

He reminded us that the meeting on the 7th of March is at the Musser Public Library.

Bret Olson explained the Bowl For Kids Sake Event on March 26th and with the help of Taura Prosek encouraged Rotarians to join our team and participate in the event.  See Caroline Levine, Brian Chapman or Mike Ruby for details. Big Brothers Big Sisters Program will definately benefit from your charity.  

Happy News: Mary Wildermuth and Kristin McHugh Johnston shared that Kristin is moving to Ankeny and that Mary will become the new Exective Director of the Muscatine History and Industry Center...Kristin's current position.

Ann Meeker was proud to report that there is much to do in Muscatine as evidenced by the myriad of activities this past weekend.

Brooke Mehaffey encouraged members to support the Red Cross Fund Raiser coming soon at the Rendezvous.

Program: Sarah Lande introduced Dr. Paul Rothman the Dean of the Roy Carver College of Medicine at the University of Iowa. He provided an indepth overview of the medical college whose role is to train health care professionals including doctors, provide quality care to Iowans and strengthen the regional economy. 

The Roy Carver College of Medicine is very highly regarded in the nation being ranked as # 10 for primary care, #27 for research, #5 for Physical Therapy and # 1 for Physcian Assistant Training.  60% of the Physcians in Iowa are located at UIHC. There are 73 residency slots available and of the 150 medical student openings... 100 are saved for Iowa residents. 

The Human Genome (DNA) was explained to us... as our genetic makeup.  Knowing this can predict or help cure diseases.  We are moving away from Blockbuster drugs that are given to everyone and only work for 50% of whom they are given to.  Medicine is becoming very personalized.  A drug that works for you will or may not work for me.  Knowing your genome can give you information about your predisposition to a particular disease.  You can take a saliva test and determine this information.  Websites are available for this kind of personal test...such as 23andme website.  In 1-2 decades we will know better what to do with this information. 

This will make the individual better aware of his/her health needs and lower the cost of health care and eventually change the way we prevent diseases.