Program for  March 24, 2014: Octagon Place by Chris Ingstad

Invocation by: Kip Fisher

Guests: Doug Peterson from Quad Cities Rotary, Jim Simmons, Hy Vee Manager guest of Chris Steinbach

Happy News: Harvey Allbee is proud that Iowa and Iowa State are in the NCAA playoffs and he is sure that Iowa State will be the champs on April 7th! Scott Natvig is rooting for the Cyclones, as is Jim Stein, and Sal Lobianco and a bit later...Larry Hetzler!! Rick Ray invited us to celebrate St. Patrick's day with the Salvation Army tonight for yummy Corn Beef and Cabbage!  Janet Morrow is happy to tell us that Muscatine the Magazine is out with great stories about Rotary and the new raffle for the 4th of July!

Rotary Program: Presiding as President Mary Odell introduced Dan McGinn the Municipal Golf Pro who presented a very informative program on our City Golf Course.  It is an enterprise fund operation and therefore is not supported by any tax dollars.  30,000 rounds of golf are played per year with that occurring in about 200 days of play.  On average 200 persons play everyday.  Senior passes make up 50 % of the course's activity.  About 15-20% is played by non residents.  There are a variety of ways to participate such as Leagues, Outings and Tournaments.  For non golfers Dan suggested a fun evening activity of "glow ball".  Dan has gained much reward from helping the Special Olympic players and welcomed us to join that fun event as helpers.

And in the off playing season you can keep up your practice by using the Golf Simulator located at the Club House!! So join in the golf fun and head out to see Dan soon at Muni!!