March 21, 2011 Club Bulletin # 366

Program for Today: Middle School Student...Metabolically Unhealthy

March 14 Invocation by: Harvey Allbee

March 14 Music Leader: Paul Kraushaar

Guests for March 7, 2011: Mike Ferguson from the Muscatine Journal

President Tom Ward shared in his Rotary Informational moment that the Rotary International Center is located very close to Muscatine....just down the road in Evanston, Illinois.

He also told members that the club will pay the REGISTRATION for any member who is going to attend the District Meeting on April 29, 2011. Mike Ruby is on the program as a key presenter. Now is a great time to support our club and Mike. Consider attending this important conference.

Tom shared that Larry Hetzler's wife Beth had passed away. Services are Wednesday, March 16 at 10:30 A.M. at Lewis Wittich Funeral Home.

Happy News: Paul Kraushaar has just returned from a wonderful business trip to the Pacific Ocean area. Diana Gradert shared that her Granddaughter is an Allstate Academic Scholar from the Cedar Valley Conference. Sarah Ingstad invited all Rotarians to Sunnybrook for a rousing good St. Patrick's day evening including GREEN BEER. Tom Ward told the members that 4 new members had participated in the New Member Meeting at Sunnybrook a week ago and that they commented ....they would have joined Rotary earlier if someone had just asked them.

March 26th is coming.... get your bowling shoes on and roll for Rotary ....all money collected will support the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program!!!

Program: Jim Gibbons, Chief Deputy to Matt Schulz the Secretary of State shared insights regarding the office. Gibbons formerly was the head wrestling coach at Iowa State. The Secretary of State's goals are to ensure that elections are run fairly and are good. The Photo ID bill he believes will help better identify voters at the polls. A second goal is to restructure government and that office. The office is down from 42 staff to 30 now. They take care of all elections, L.L.C. Corporation Filings for Business. (Over 6.2 Million Yearly). Establishing a statewide registry for subcontractors.

The Secretary of State's Office is located in the Capital in Des Moines. Jim encouraged visitors to stop in.

When asked about his coaching days and success he noted the following: you have to sacrifice to achieve your goals but it is important to associate, find mentors and then then to plan.

Jim will be the announcer this week at the National Wrestling Tournament and will be live on and