Program for  March 3, 2014:  Sal LoBianco continues the MPW Story!!

Invocation by: Greg Jenkins

Guests: 3.0 Seniors Jacob Schmelzer, Meghan Schulz, Betsy Mc Cleary and Lee Wonten.

Happy News: Ron Yohe told of his DNA and genetics tracing due to a speaker here at Rotary!!  Ron can now say he is a Brit!! Brian Chapman is proud of the Muskie Bowlers both Girls and Boys Teams have done very well this season!!~

Tony Joseph presiding over the meeting and incoming Rotary President asked the club what "Community Projects" we have completed and what have we raised $$ funds to support within our club and community?

Rotary Program: Sal LoBianco provided an informative historical overview of MPW.  We have much to be proud of in our locally owned utility company.  The municipal utility's goals include customer service, taking care of the employees, safety and financial stability.  That said the critical issues of today and the near future are: the Communications segment in which we participate is very competitive...cable television and internet related services. Sal told us that we have had no major rate increases from 2003-2009 and that MPW is a great community investment. 

The Utility Company has won several prestigious awards including the Powder River Basin Coal Plant Award, Energy Efficiency Product Award and the RP3 Award to name a few.  The utility has 290 plus employees and has a $6.4 million dollar budget.  We use 26 million gallons of water daily.  The utility oversees the street lights, traffic signals and has 155 miles of pipe infrastructure throughout the community.