Program for Today: Monsanto Business Update

June 13 Invocation by: Diana Gradert

President Tom Ward in his Rotary moment spoke about the status of the Polio Plus Campaign. $175 million dollars have been raised to address the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Contribution of $355 million dollars. The goal to be achieved by June 30, 2012 is an additional $25 million. Our purchase of tickets for the Rotary Night at the Ball Park on June 29, 2011 supports this initiative. Get your tickets after the meeting. Just $7 each.

Rotary guests: Mike Ferguson of the Muscatine Journal, Dr. Brad Bark, guest of Ann Meeker, Dick Maeglin guest of Cynthia,Jan Cook daughter of Kip Fisher, and Tom Green, Senior Factory Manager at Heinz.

Fiery Trial ... 4th of July weekend exhibit needs you. Volunteer your time to help our community remember the Civil War. Call the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry to sign up for an hour or two of support.

Happy News: Mike Ruby thanked Brooke Mehaffey for her wonderful thank you note to Rotary for supporting the Red Cross and gave kudos to the membership for their contributions. Judi Holdorf invited all to the Annual Meeting of the Community Foundation on Tuesday, June 21. Please RSVP to the Community Foundation. She also proudly told about the Charity Gold Outing that she and her hubby took first place in. Judi loves her golf!! President Tom also told us about our 2 active successful international projects in Nigeria and Belize that have recently been completed.

Program: Tom Green gave an informative review of Heinz USA's presence in Muscatine. Heinz has been here for over 119 years!! Locally, 20 million cases are shipped annually, 48 recipes make up the selections produced, with over 220 different ingredients going into those recipes. $100 million is spent annually on ingredients with 320 employees working at the Isett Avenue location. Heinz was begun in Muscatine in 1892 by H.J. Heinz who secured the Heinz Pickling Facility for $4000 and produced sauerkraut, horse radish and pickles with 25 employees.

Muscatine is the only Heinz plant that manufactures GRAVY. 30 million packets of ketchup are produced daily with customers being Wal Mart, Wendy's, Burger King and Arby's. The Dollar Store and Target markets are among the fastest growing.

Heinz is working to be more healthy and has reduced the salt in ketchup. A newer product amenable to eating in your car is the "dip and squeeze" packet which avoids getting the ketchup on your tie or suit jacket by allowing you to dip your fries!!