No Rotary Meeting on Monday, May 26, 2014...enjoy your Memorial Day Holiday

Program for June 2, 2014: Chris Steinbach Team MCSA and Ragbrai
Invocation: Rich Dwyer

Rotary News: Lucas invited the club to his graduation party here at the Wesley Family Life Center on Saturday, May 24, 2014 from 1-4,

Happy News: Carlin Lawhead put in$25 in honor of son Chris's graduation from Iowa.  Judi Holdorf was proud of Marilyn Smith and Chris Steinbach and the Kip production on YOU Tube!! She also invited Rotarians to the Business Circle breakfast sponsored by Monsanto this upcoming Wednesday morning!! Harvey Allbee is moving into his new condo in August. Sal LoBianco is proud that his daughter Margaret graduated from college. Rich Dwyer is happy that his daughter has graduated from college and yes she has a job!! Worth $20 to him!! Diana Gradert is proud of her granddaughter who graduated from High School and is attending Iowa State. Steve Jameson asked us to buy our 4th of July tickets for bidding on the Chamber's car!!  Tickets are 5 for $100 or $25 each. Keith offered up a great big thank you to Marilyn Smith and Chris Steinbach for the Facebook interview with Kip Fisher. He also noted that MCSA would receive our meeting meal leftovers!!

Rotary Program: Harvey Allbee introduced Mike Johannsen as the speaker today.  Mike has been the Director of Muscatine County Community Services since January of 1981.  He explained that we will have integrated health home services here in Muscatine for mental health provisions through Vera French, Robert Young and Family Resources. Mike gave answers to questions on the Community demographic and information quiz developed to test our prowess on community data.  We were asked to pick the definition to mental retardation, pick the poverty level in 2006 and 2014. Free and reduced student numbers increased from 39.7% to 54 %.  Eleventh grade students on free and reduced lunch were 4.2 % less proficient than not in poverty 11th grade students.  8.0 points differentiated math students in poverty from those not. Muscatine County's birth rate among teen moms is 105.2% per 1000. Juvenile delinquency rate is 43.9% per 1000. Children under 6 with both parents in the work force is 79.8%.  Families on TANF is 17.2%, Bankruptcy rates are 2.8% in the county. Voting rate in Muscatine County is 62.6% based on the last election. Rotarians selected the correct answer and scoring was shown on the screen with % of each answer noted by the Rotarians.  It was an informative presentation with relevant community data at the center challenging our thinking!!