Our meetings in July will be held at the Clarion Hotel in Room 2a . In August we will relocate to our new meeting location at the Wesley Family LifeCenter in downtown Muscatine!!

Program for July 29 2013: Muscatine Radiology with Julie Lester

Invocation by: Diana Gradert

Rotary News: We will move to the Wesley Family Life Center in downtown Muscatine beginning in August!! Steve Jameson told us that a host family is needed for a young man from Brazil.  If you or someone you know can help please let Steve and the Youth Exchange Committee know. 

Rotary Guests: Jerry Riibe, Superintendent Muscatine Schools and potential new member.

Happy News: Bill Phelan is running again for the Eastern Iowa Community College District and would like your signature on his petition. Tim Nelson is proud of the Muscatine Arboretum as a great place to enjoy and stroll through.  Dennis McDonald has completed his 6th year program and has been installed as Deacon in the Catholic Church. Bob Albee is happy that the students have returned safely from China!! Janet Morrow is proud to say that we have a new Convention and Visitor's Bureau Coordinator.  Dick Stanley had an enjoyable time in Alaska and enjoying his grandson and family along with Mary Jo.

Rotary Program: Curt Weiss was introduced by Bob Albee. Curt gave a presentation on the Deep Lakes Project which is our newest recreation area south of Muscatine.  The area covers 435 acres of which 120 are water. The area's topography is good for fishing, turkeys, deer, snakes, turtles and similar natural habitat species.  The recreational capacity is endless.  A boat slide area is present, along with great parking spaces.  Curt indicated that a long range plan is being developed to determine what is best to do with the entire area.  There is a committee working on this and they are inviting public comment.  Suggestions have included campgrounds, hiking trails, swimming areas, rental cabins, portage areas for canoes and etc. 

If you have an idea contact the committee in care of Curt Weiss at Muscatinecountyconservation.com