Our meetings in July will be held at the Clarion Hotel in Room 2a . In August we will relocate to our new meeting location at the Wesley Family LifeCenter in downtown Muscatine!!

Program for July 15 2013: City of Muscatine.... Projects Ahoy!!

Invocation by: Erika Cox

Rotary News: We will move to the Wesley Family Life Center in downtown Muscatine beginning in August!! Steve Jameson told us that a host family is needed for a young man from Brazil.  If you or someone you know can help please let Steve and the Youth Exchange Committee know.  A big thank you to Rotarian Brian Chapman for setting up the meeting space here at the Clarion for the next few weeks. Kelly reminded us that the Fundraising Committee will meet on July 15, 2013. All new members are on the committee. Kelly reminded us of the events of the past year... highlight is moving locations, turning a $1250 contribution into a $100,000 grant, providing dictionaries, putting a metal deer in the Zoo Garden. Kelly thanked all the board members and committee members for their support this year.

Happy News: Mayor DeWayne Hopkins was very happy that the 4th of July parade, fireworks and symphony events were so successful. Chris Steinbach invited us to stop in Wednesday AM at MCSA for a cup of coffee and a tour. Marv Krieger was saddened that the tornado had taken an employee's life but was very grateful for all he learned through the tragic event last week and grateful for all the community support. Diana Gradert was proud of her grandson who graduated in May with a degree in Business Management and has a summer internship. Bill Decker thanked Rotary for their welcome and support of his time in the district. Carlin Lawhead was happy that the Muskies remained undefeated over PV. Ron Yohe told of two wrestlers twin brothers who yes had to wrestle one another in the Illinois State Competition.  Keith Porter thanked Norm Smith for his many years of service to Rotary, particularly with the Youth Exchange Committee.

Keith also talked about why we are a part of Rotary! If we are members for 0-5 years it is for Business Contacts, 5-20 for Service and over 20 years it is for fellowship.  Keith's presidential goal is to get the membership engaged and to complete a visible community project!!

Rotary Program:  Jim Hayes, CEO of Trinity Muscatine, was introduced by Mary Odell.  Jim provided a great update of Unitypoint Health Trinity Muscatine.  The hospital system's True North is 1. Patient safety and quality 2. Employee - Best outcome for every patient every time. 3. Quality service will lead to financial health. Unitypoint Health is utilizing lean principles as modeled by the Appleton, Wisconsin system. Stan Askren, Gary Carlson and George Koenigsaecker invited Jim and others to learn about lean hospital management.  Jim is excited about the outcomes.  Already the change in culture is being experienced.  The engagement of the front line in problemsolving has given them permission to succeed.  Jim then showed us a brief powerpoint of the Phase III expansion at the hospital. Lots of great 21st Century technological and room space expansions were shown!!