Meeting is at MCSA today!!

Program for July 14, 2014:  Off Leash Dog Park Update with Peggy Gordon

Invocation: Jim Nepple

Rotary Guests today were: Wayne Steen, Cristian Lopez first reading for new member, John Schwandke, Dick Maeglin, Angela Joseph, Zena Joseph, Ralph Joseph, Wayne Joseph and Mark Joseph.

Rotary News: If you have any historic Rotary realia please bring it to Todd Poci at Senior Resources. River Bandit Rotary Night is August 5, 2014. Election of new directors and officers includes: President Tony Joseph, Vice President Mary Odell, Directors: vacancy to replace Steve Jameson, Judi Holdorf, Todd Poci, Chris Steinbach, Keith Porter, Past President, Diana Broderson, Treasurer and Mary Wildermuth, Secretary!! Motion made by Scott Ingstad and seconded by Gregs Thomopolus with all in attendance voting aye!!

Happy News: Ron Yohe enjoyed the Pastors Conference in Reston, Virginia. Tony Joseph thanked Rotarians who helped stage the 4th of July parade. Jessica Wittman got a special greeting from her favorite golfer! John Schwandke is happy to be back with Muscatine Rotary for today. Wayne Steen is happy to know several Muscatine Rotarians including: Keith, Tony and Kelly!!  Kelly Garvin is proud of her girls for their softball success at state. She also asked for help at the Muscatine County Fair in driving the golf cart shuttle!! and Keith well he's smiling big for a successful completion of his Rotary year as President!!


Program: Keith Porter outgoing President and Tony Joseph incoming President shared their thoughts on the past year and hopes for the coming Rotary year!!

Keith was proud of hosting the Rotary President in February, an increase in our Social Media presence, updating our Member Profiles, New Member Induction Process has been revamped and our old documents are on their way to better preservation!!  He thanked all on the board for their help and support this year!!

Tony Joseph presented Keith with his past president pin and a plaque signifying his year as Rotary President!! Tony then went on to share his involvement in Rotary since 1998 and thanked John Schwandke for his mentorship and involvement in making Rotary meaningful to Tony.

Tony is asking us to wear our pins proudly whether on our shirts with a logo or as pins but to wear it daily as we work...asking us to show our proudness at being Rotarians!!  He is striving for 3 things this year:  Fellowship, Fun and Friendship!!  Our club was chartered in 1920!! We have 102 members currently. We support Polio Plus!! Bring guests to Rotary!!  Pay your bill on time!!  Join in our new Good Will Project monthly to do good work in our community and work towards achieving a Paul Harris Recognition!!

Tony shared his remarks and then shared with the club the new member powerpoint orientation as a reminder of the great organization we all are a part of!!  Following the 2014-2015 Rotary theme, Tony asked us "To Light Up Rotary" this year!!