Program for Today:  Dr. Don Doucette,  NEW Chancellor of EICCD

July 11 Invocation by:

Outgoing President Tom Ward shared an overview of the past year and thanked all participating Rotarians, committee members and board members for their great support throughout the year. He also reminded us of the Rotary Night at the Park this Wednesday evening, June 29, 2011. Tony Joseph will throw out the first ball along with other Rotary Presidents.

Mike Ruby presented Tom with the outgoing President's pin, the banner for the year and a gift certificate. Thank you , Tom... it was a good year!!

Rotary guests: Dan Huss, Art Hovick as guests of Tom Ward, Jeanette Dikat and Diane Braxton as guests of Sarah Lande, JoAnn Ruby wife of Mike and Bill Tubbs visiting Rotarian, Claire Penner guest of Jim Nepple and incoming member Nathan Mather.

Happy News: Mary Wildermuth noted that the club had been recognized with a rose at the annual meeting of the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine and she also put in a dollar in honor of Tom Ward's great year as President., Sarah Lande recognized her guests and Diana Braton invited Rotarians to ask questions of her, while Jeanette Dikat reminded us that Iowa City will be celebrating Unesco City of Literature events from July 15-17. Jim Nepple recognized and introduced Claire Penner who has joined Jim's law firm.

Program: Scott Natvig introduced Commander Sgt. Steven D. Blake with the U.S. Army who spoke on Patriotism. Steven is the recipient of 3 bronze stars. He shared his great love of our country and told us that his hardest job is to tell a family that their loved one has died. He put in a pitch for our singing...we did an awesome job singing the National Anthem. He has found it a privilege to lead, teach, coach and mentor America's songs and daughters. He told us to always be prepared for our life's tests. We don't get to pick we just have to be ready to rise to the challenge.

His own personal latest test was saving a young man's life while others walked on by. Being a patriot is the honor of giving back to something bigger than self. He believes that the Rock Island Arsenal does great work and has saved may lives through the building of guns and parts which has enabled the fight against evil to be done honorably. A great speech prior to celebrating our 4th of July birthday!!