Program for January 7, 2013: Muscatine Community School District Update...Bill Decker

New Member Induction: Chris Steinbach, Jerry Rhoads and Kevin Matheson and welcome back Melanie Alexander and Dawn Sturms Dodds

Invocation By: Erika Cox

Guests on December 17, 2012: Chris Steinbach, Shelley Sides replacing Dana Yerington at Sunnybrook and Rafa our Exchange Student!! 

Rotary Update: We were reminded to put our money in the Red Kettle to support a donor's gift of $1000 and a another gift to Rotary for $1000 if we match the original $1000.  Rotarians were stuffing checks in the Kettle!!  if we did not make it we had to be close!!

Happy News: Grandpa Scott Ingstad had Happy News to share regarding the birth of his first grandson!! Paul Krauschauer is very happy that Josh is engaged..something he thought might never happen!!  Kelly shared that Harvey Allbee has helped raise the necessary $3600 to bring the Folklore Dancers to Muscatine in the Spring!!  Rafa told us about her adventures at to her since Brazil does not have such a holiday!!

Kelly also read a big thank you from Mrs. McKee's 2nd and 3rd grade class thanking us for their new dictionaries.  Keith Porter placed other notes from many students at the tables so that we could read and see how grateful the students are!!

Program: Bill Phelan introduced Bill Decker to begin the program!!  Bill Decker took a few minutes to share the impact of the Newtown Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings on the school district and stated that the buildings are safe, we have safety plans in place and we are being vigilant in checking them and augmenting plans to continue to be as safe as possible!!

Bill Decker then introduced Nick Oswald and the MHS Seasonal Octet!!  The Octet inspired us with a variety of Christmas melodies!  We concluded by singing together Jingle Bells!!  They then finished off by singing we wish you a Merry Christmas!!

Rick Ray then shared " a fun quiz" about the Salvation Army with us.  Prize teddy bears were given to those who wanted a Christmas momento!!