Program for January 20, 2014: Melanie Alexander ...Muscatine Art Center Update

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Guests: Doug Peterson, Iowa Quad Cities Rotary, Lucas Jacobs, John Kuhl potential new member, Lori Stackhouse and Sarah Tisinger guests of Steve Jameson, Interact Students: Jisell Fernandez, Jensen Watson, Emily Hanssen, Bailey Krieger, Annie Cahill and Jessica Carlson.

Rotary News: Program Chairs are needed for programs in March and April. Note our new address:  P.0. Box 1121

Happy News: David Stanley is proud of the Hawkeyes and he and Jeannie are headed to Florida for the next month, Carlin Lawhead is happy about the Hawkeyes, the Northwest Missouri State, his son's acceptance into dental school and asked for support of his son's bake sale to support the Oncology Dance Marathon event ($25 for all of that)  Marv Krieger had a birthday!! 88 now with 64 of those years as a Rotarian!!Pam Collins is glad the Pirate Winter Event was a big success, Doug Peterson is proud of the Muscatine Rotary Youth Exchange program, Scott Ingstad is proud to be a Hawkeye, happy that Marv had a big birthday and sure that his Dad was not happy about the first car Marv sold him. Rick Ray is happy Christmas is over and that no more bells are ringing. Salvation Army raised $146,000 and is working with Buffalo Wild Wings to meet the unmet goal of $156,000.

Rotary Program:   Lucas Jacobs our exchange student from Brazil told us a lot about his country and a bit about himself and his family!! Brazil consumes 47% of South America and has a population of 200 million people. There are 26 states in Brazil. The temperatures range from 104 degrees to 32 degrees annually. Major products are coffee, orange juice, and ethanol. Carnival is the big celebration that begins the Friday before Ash Wednesday and continues to the Tuesday prior to Ash Wednesday.  The Amazon River runs through Brazil.  The World Cup will be held there in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016.  Lucas is from Santa Catarina which was settled by Germans, Italians and Poles.  Lucas is involved in Taekwando and is now at the 7th degree level.