January 10, 2011

Program for Today: Muscatine Realtors Association

January 3, 2011 Guests: Greg Jenkins, Muscatine Chamber of Commerce, guest of Scott Ingstad and Jon Holthe, VP, Sr. Trust Officer at Central State Bank and guest of Taura Prosek.

New Member : Jane Caes's name was presented in the second reading for membership. 
Happy News to Note: Greg Jenkins was happy to be a guest of Scott Ingstad. Tom Ward admitted his alumni affliation with Mississippi State after the win, while Norm Smith also gleefully shared the success of the Illini Football and Basketball Teams.  Good naturedly,Harvey Allbee, paid up for the Illini win over Iowa.  David Utley, was happy that Iowa won a Bowl Game!! David Stanley was happy that Iowa upset Mo. also!!  

Marilyn Smith has information on scholarships and audition events for 9-12th grade students interested in participating in the Muscatine Symphony Orchestra.  Deadline is January 30, 2011. 

Jeff Kaufmann, State Representative gave his perspective on the 2011 Legislative Session.  House File # 1 will address waste in government.  Other first bills will be "no passing bills" after midnight, and a contribution plan for legislators toward their health care plans provided by the state.

Other key areas of focus will be fiscal responsibility and job creation.  Schools should anticipate 0% allowable growth and $230 million more will need to be found to fund even 0%.  Preschool funding will change and move from the K-12 funding stream to a voucher system.  The Republican view is that not funding very well the K-12 system cannot be improved by adding  PreK $$ needs to an underfunded area already.  Jeff understands the importance of PreSchool but also sees the matter as one of scarce to 0 dollars.  

Jeff also briefly talked about Medicaid funding and stated that the working poor are impacted as is the state by the current copay system.

Jeff candidly admitted that after several years in the legislature he would "like to micromanage" the bureaucracy to make the cuts that are needed to impact the system rather than the most front line individuals such as janitors etc. and not the assistants to the assistants!!

He encouraged us to contact him and other legislators with any ideas or suggestions!! (jeff.kaufmann@legis.state.ia.us)