Program for  February 3, 2014: Engineering Tech with Wayne Merrill and Katie Watson
Invocation by: Mary Wildermuth

Guests: Tanya Marx, Rochelle Conway and Susan Ausaman.  Second reading for new members John Kuhl and Mike McGrory.
Rotary News: Rich Dwyer presented Captain Rick Ray with a "BIG" check from Rotary for the contribution of $1547 which was matched by anonymous Rotary donor!!  Steve Jameson announced a meeting for February 3, 2014 for the Youth Exchange Committee.

Happy News:  Janet Morrow placed the Winter Edition of Muscatine the Magazine on the tables for Rotarians to take. Diana Gradert noted the article in the Muscatine Journal about the Wilton Communications Company.  Scott Ingstad is proud of the Muskie Girls and Boys Basketball Wins and oh those Hawkeyes!!

Rotary Program: Melanie Alexander updated the club on the Muscatine Art Center collection, programs and shared a bit of history.  The Musser Mansion was built in 1908 and is composed of 12 rooms.  The Gilmore Collection is composed of 39 pieces of French Impressionistic works that were given in two phases..1992 and again in 2010.  Another outstanding collection is the River Collection which depicts the Mississippi River.  The center has several works by Grant Wood and is Regionalist Art.  The center also collects Muscatine History items.  The Civil War Collection was exhibited recently during the 150 Anniversary of the Civil War.  The High Bridge Exhibition will be developed and showcased in 2016.  The current exhibit focuses on "The Art of Living Well" and relates to the Blue Zone Initiative.  A recognition celebration will be held in 2015 to recognize the 50th Anniversary of the Musser Mansion being gifted to the City of Muscatine.  Melanie talked about the Japanese Garden and the new performing area located where the Jane House used to sit.  We should be proud that the Muscatine Art Center is accredited and meets high collecting standards.