February 27, 2012 Program for Today: Strategic Faculty Hiring at U of Iowa by Dr. Barry Butler

February 27 Invocation by: Mary Wildermuth

Rotary Guests: Joni Anderson, Katrina Pedersen, Tiffany Peterson, Nicklas Metzger, Nathan Oghe and Eli Price.

Kelly Garvin shared a Rotary moment and reminded us of the great Gifts of Rotary including: study exchanges, a child's smile, working for Peace, passion for human right's and mentioned twice that it is all up to each one of us to share these gifts.

Mike reminded us that February 23rd will be the 107th birthday of Rotary.

Rotary Announcements: Vocational Awareness Committee will meet on February 27th. We also voted on staying at the Upper Deck for our meetings.

Happy News: Cynthia Maeglin appreciated the work Sarah Lande was putting in on the Chinese Vice President's visit to her home and Muscatine. Keith Porter is proud of the MHS Swing Choir and the State winning Muskie Swimmers and the visit of Xi which has been evolving for 27 years. And for his son Tom on the front page of the Journal. Tom Ward shared that he and Judy are headed to New Zealand on a Rotary Friendship Exchange. Chris Ingstad is proud of the Muskie Swimmers and Judd Anderson, as well as, the Girls Basketball Team. Anna Mack expressed joy in learning about Alexander Clark on the IPTV special and encouraged us to also. Harvey Albee is proud of the Muskies and is anticipating 3 in a row for the State Title Winning Swimmers!! Diana Gradert is proud of the Wilton swimmers!! Mike applauded Dick Stanley's great Symphony Conducting... a natural at it!!

Muscatine has been named one of the 11 finalists for the Blue Zone Communities!!

Program for Today: Dr. Linda Snetslaar provided great information on our kids in Muscatine and their propensity towards Obesity. She said that the new face of poverty is obesity rather than that of the 1950's which would be emaciated!!

She indicated that there are barriers to a healthy lifestyle..such as not eating nutritiously when eating out, not having a culture or community that is physical activity friendly and or sufficient transportation.

We know that genetics is one factor in obesity but the environment is very important also.

Linda told us about the CHAMPS program being piloted in Muscatine (Choosing Healthy Actions in Muscatine Public Schools). This curriculum is supported highly by the teachers and is integrated across a variety of subject areas. She has told the legislators about this and they are in support of it being implemented across the state.