February 14, 2011 Club Bulletin # 362

Program for Today: Iowa City - Unesco City of Literature

February 7 Invocation by: Mike Hartman 

February 7 Song Leader: Tim Nelson

Guests for February 7, 2011: Holly Peterson, transferring Rotarian, Jeremy Heimisch, and Anna Mack, new member. 3.0 Seniors: Lucas Wheeler, Austin Williams, Erika Wagner, Josh Wheaton, Kayla Verwers, Paris White and Lauren Weber.

President Tom shared information about the Gates Foundation and their commitment to eradicate polio. $700 million dollars is still needed to complete this collaborative battle. Tom reminded members of the Rotary insert and asked for member participation with ad support.

Jay McKee asked members of the Student Enrichment Committee to meet.

No Meeting on President's Day - February 21, 2011.

Ann Meeker told members of a very interesting website with photos available for purchase of the Iowa Black and Gold Day. Website is: www.lapayne.com

New Member Anna Mack was introduced and will become a member of the Membership Committee.

Program: John Dabeet Economics Professor at MCC speaking on Egypt by the Minute. John and several other MCC staff were in Egypt and Jordan in early January. MCC is hoping to begin a Study Abroad program in Egypt in May. John told the scope of the uprising in Cairo with 3 million persons in the square and 8 million in the streets. The population of Egypt is 88 million. He explained that the young generation is fed up with Mubarek who has been the President for over 30 years. (4 U.S. Presidents worth). John took questions from the audience and provided commentary on what will happen next, what news channels are best and the evilness of the Mubarek regime. He has used the police to torture his own people. If you say one unkind word you will be imprisoned. Tourism is the # 1 moneymaker for Egypt. Over 1 Billion travel dollars have been lost in the past 8 days.